Trove – Heroes is live! Become a Vanguardian, explore a neon-powered megalopolis, save the multiverse from massive mega world bosses & more. Thirsting for danger? Lusting for loot? Then grab your friends and set off for adventure in this free-to-play, voxel-based action MMO.

  • PS4
Free Download
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: MMORPG / Action / Platformer / Adventure
  • Publisher: Trion Worlds®
  • Developer: Trion Worlds®
Fantasy Violence
Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

Trove - Heroes is Live

New Class: Vanguardian

Become a hero and master both melee and ranged combat with this unique, style-switching new class.

New Biome: Luminopolis

Journey to the neon-powered megalopolis and join the battle between the Amperium and Resistors.

Mega World Bosses

Gather your friends and get ready to take on some of the biggest and baddest you’ve ever seen..

Free Epic Dragon Mount

Purchase any pack in Trove and get the Disaeon the Immortal dragon mount FREE.




Whether you want to battle deadly monsters, loot epic treasure, explore wild realms, build brand new worlds, or just show off your style, Trove’s got you covered!

16 Cubular Classes

Play as foxy lancers, draconic mages, headless knights, and more!

Nearly Infinite Realms

Conquer everything from the pirate-infested Treasure Isles to Candoria, home of the Candy Barbarians. 

Dangerous Dungeons

Face deadly challenges and collect powerful armor and weapons.

Build a Home, Build a World

Make your mark by building a home away from home... or an entire world!

Player Created Content

Collect a huge range of gear made by your fellow players! Dragons? Check. Bacon swords? Yup!



Super Starter Pack

Get everything you need for a strong start in Trove!


  • Chaotic Pinata Mount
  • 4 Rows of Inventory Slots
  • 10 Chaos Chests
  • 10 Greater Dragon Caches
  • 10 Super Style Stashes

Square Necessities Pack

Get squared with the Square Necessities pack! These simple square necessities will take away your worriment with flight.


  • Jerhynn, the Radiant Vanguard Mount
  • Wings of the Worldwatcher
  • Trovian Trackerhound Ally
  • Trovian Tetrabode Recipe & Framework
  • 7 Slick Styles
  • 10 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 10 Greater Dragon Caches
  • 10 Chaos Chests
  • 10 Party Animal Pinatas

Vanguardian Super Pack

Leap into action and save the multiverse with the heroic Vanguardian class, plus a whole utility belt's worth of new costumes and more.


  • Vanguardian Class
  • Windtunnel "Wings"
  • Paragon of the Past Costume
  • Avenging Arbiter Costume
  • And MORE!


Amperium Dragon Pack

Amp up your adventures in Luminoplis with a ferocious new dragon mount and more.


  • Golden Dragon Egg for Rhom-10, Dissent’s Roar (Tradeable)
  • Wattaro Complex Framework
  • 10 Greater Neon Caches
  • And MORE!


Resistor Dragon Pack

Show some real resistance with the help of a new dragon mount and more.


  • Golden Dragon Egg for Hoshizora, Luminary of Hope (Tradeable)
  • Blockatomi Tower Framework
  • 10 Greater Neon Caches
  • And MORE!

Fast Fortune Pack

Level faster, and get the Power Rank you need from Gems!

  • 30 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 2 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 2 Double Experience Potions (lasts 1 hour, even when offline!)
  • 2 Radiant Sovereigns (redeemable for great prizes in the Hub)
  • +20 Patron Points

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