Arizona Sunshine 2®

Vertigo Games B.V.
Available on
Released 12/07/2023
  • PS Plus required for online play
  • Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus
  • Online play optional
  • 1 player
  • PS5 Version
    PlayStation VR2 required
  • PS VR2 Sense controllers required
  • VR play styles: sitting, standing, roomscale
  • PlayStation VR2 headset vibration optional

What is Arizona Sunshine 2?

Chop, whack and blast your way through a brutal zombie apocalypse.

Brave the end of the world with a canine companion and a sense of humor in Arizona Sunshine 2. Clear out sun-kissed next-gen environments in this souped-up sequel, wielding flamethrowers, shotguns and machetes to defy hordes of Freds.

In your search for answers about the post-apocalypse, you'll coat the desert in stray limbs and form an unlikely alliance with Buddy the dog, your new best friend in an otherwise desolate world. 

Feel every explosion and zombie attack with PS VR2's Headset Feedback, and experience the hefty tension of a grenade pull with the PS VR2 Sense Controller's adaptive triggers.

Indulge in a physical and realistic combat system to discover all the different ways you can slay a zombie, with the opportunity to double the trouble by joining your friends in co-op.

Eye tracking

Never miss out on the action with scripted events that react to the player's gaze thanks to the PS VR2's built-in eye tracking.

Advanced foveated rendering techniques improve the visual clarity of objects in view as you battle your way through the hordes.

4K HDR display

The sunny landscape of Arizona gives way to a mixture of bright and dark environments that pop on the PS VR2's 4K HDR display.  Enhanced black levels raise the stakes in the spookiest corners of the state.

Headset vibration

Feel every fateful scratch and bite through the PS VR2 with headset feedback, immersing you in the chaos of the apocalypse.

Haptic feedback

Reloading, melee attacks and ranged combat are all made more immersive with carefully tuned haptic feedback delivered through the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers. Grenade pulls and gunshots boast tangible heft due to the built-in adaptive trigger technology.

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