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The Fall

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Puzzle / Action
  • Publisher: Over The Moon Games Inc.
  • Developer: Over The Moon Games Inc.
ESRB - T Rating



Experience the first story in a mind bending trilogy! The Fall was recently awarded Game of the Year for Best Story from Giant Bomb. 

Take on the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence onboard a high-tech combat suit. ARID's program activates after crashing on an unknown planet. The human pilot within the combat suit is unconscious, and it is ARID's duty to protect him at all costs! As she progresses into her twisted and hostile surroundings, driven to find medical aid before it is too late, the realities of what transpired on this planet force ARID to reflect upon her own protocols. ARID's journey to save her pilot ultimately challenges the very rules that are driving her. 

The Fall features:

  • A compelling story - Crafted over the course of two years, The Fall's story is a cut above standard gaming fare. 
  • Story/Gameplay integration - Players encounter challenges that force them to think in ways congruent with the game's story. 
  • Thick atmosphere - A very well polished visual style is complemented with The Fall's full voice cast.



"...we might be looking at one of the best realized AI’s in gaming, and that’s telling something"

The Fall features a compelling, award winning and fully voice acted story. What makes The Fall especially unique however, is how it seamlessly blends story and gameplay together;  as ARID is given challenges that are outside of her operating parameters, players must also think outside the box, by breaking rules and finding loopholes.  As ARID develops as a character, players follow her every step of the way. The Fall is a truly unique story experience!




"The Fall has proven that innovation is still possible in the genre"

The Fall finds fun ways of blending point-and-click puzzle solving and combat into a seamless experience with exploration as its core.   Understanding the fascinating world of The Fall is key to progression;  explore by using ARID's flashlight to uncover a myriad of interactive objects that tell you about the world, and hint at what to do.  Be careful though, because not everything in this world is friendly! If what you uncover is hostile, switch on your laser sight and kick some metal. Get ready for a disturbing journey as you fight, explore, and think your way forward, expanding ARID's world, in spite of her protocols.


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The Fall

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