• ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: LucasArts
  • Developer: TBC
ESRB - T Rating
Comic Mischief
Blood and Gore
After the fall of the dark god, the bloody war between Imperia and Nordagh was ended, but at a terrible price. Mankind had very nearly been destroyed. In the wake of this horror, the people of the world vowed never to wage war against each other again. In the uneasy peace that followed, the skills of bloodshed were largely confined to the arena. Schools of gladiators from strange lands hardened themselves in local leagues hoping to compete in the glorious tournaments of Imperia. This is the world that Valens and Ursula are born into. Valens, the son of a legendary gladiator, trying to grow out of his father’s shadow. Ursula, the daughter of a barbarian king, struggling to understand the strange and ancient power she seems to possess. This is the world of Gladius. An epic RPG that will take you to the far ends of the earth as you recruit, train and run a customized school of gladiators. Fight with hundreds of deadly weapons. Wield powerful magic. And master the dance of flesh and steel. Gladius. Your life begins and ends in the arena.

  • Fiercely competitive and brutal gladiator style combat system.
  • Choose from over 100 characters in 16 different classes.
  • More than 15 landscapes and dozens of stunning gladiator arenas.
  • Recruit, train and run a customized school of gladiators.
  • Fight with hundreds of deadly weapons and wield powerful magic.
  • Single and multiplayer support for up to four players, in co-op, head-to-head battles or quick exhibition games.
  • 3D world map allows players to explore the lands of Gladius and engage in over 500 encounters.

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