Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears

  • PS3
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing / Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: Heavy Water
ESRB - RP Rating

An epic adventure has landed in PlayStation®Home with the fast paced action and story of Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears.

Episodic Story Content:

Emo Ray is a comic book style game: gritty action, stylized art, and story content that comes out in periodic releases. The Emo Ray Saga is broken into larger story arcs called Volumes. Each Volume contains four complete chapters of the storyline. Between the major Volume releases there are Mission Packs that have some side stories that add flair to the gameplay and depth to the story.

Fast, Responsive Driving:

Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears is the first game in PlayStation®Home that looks and feels like a full PSN or disc title. The E-Mobile is responsive to your every move while simulating the most realistic car physics PlayStation®Home has seen to date. Driving the E-Mobile is easy to do, but difficult to master. Do you have what it takes to speedily save the day in your tricked out E-Mobile?

Unique and Upgradable Weapons:

The E-Mobile isn’t just a fast, furious driving machine; you need some heavy weaponry to take out the threat of the evil Teddy Bears! As you progress through the story, Emo’s friends and family will help him outfit the E-Mobile with devastating weapons like the Cow Catcher and Sonic Weapon for close up combat, and the Mini-Gun, Cannon and Missile Launcher for reigning devastation upon your enemies from afar. All of these weapons can be upgraded through ModPoints to more quickly lay waste to the Teddy Bear horde, not to mention get even better scores on the leaderboards.


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