Apps for your PS Vita

Meet the wide-ranging apps tailor-made for your PS Vita.


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Available on PS Vita

  • Paint Park

    Make and share simple sketches and detailed drawings with your friends.

  • Treasure Park

    Dig for buried bounty with this exclusive PS Vita app.

  • Wake-up Club

    Make sure you get out of the right side of bed with the alarm clock app exclusive to PS Vita.

  • Ecolibrium

    Bring harmony to virtual ecosystems full of amazing and fantastical creatures and plants.

  • Travel Bug

    Send your adorable Travel Bugs on amazing journeys.

  • Frobisher Says!

    A collection of crazy mini-games, devised deep within the eccentric mind of Frobisher himself.


Chat with PSN friends


Communicate in real time with PlayStation Network friends via text or voice chat, even if you're playing different games.

  • Create a party and chat with up to seven friends, stay in constant contact and jump straight into online multiplayer sessions. 
  • Receive notifications from friends of friends and instantly add newcomers without leaving the Party. 
  • Bookmark your favourite Parties and reconnect at any time. 

Compete and compare


Show your friends what you’ve achieved in PS Vita games, as well as PS4 and PS3 titles.  

  • See how many trophies you've collected in every game you've played.
  • Compare your progress with that of your friends.                               

Built-in media apps

Videos, music and photos

Enjoy your favourite films on the system's crystal clear 5-inch screen, turn up your favourite tunes and view your snaps.

Connect to nearby friends


Stay connected to all of your PlayStation Network friends and enjoy gifting on PS Vita.

  • Discover and connect with other PS Vita owners in your area and find out which games are the most popular.
  • Use Out-And-About to discover games, exchange gifts, take on challenges and find friends around every corner.

Transfer files easily

Content Manager Assistant

Copy files from your PC to a PS Vita system, plus back up data from your PS Vita system to a PC or PS3 system.

  • Download a game to PS3 and transfer it to your PS Vita system.
  • Transfer music, image and video files from your PC to your PS Vita system and vice versa.

Explore PS Vita

Welcome Park

Discover the features of PS Vita in this fun-packed tutorial featuring five mini-games and trophy support.

  • Get to grips with the touchscreen and the rear touch pad in Digit Chase.
  • Snap a picture with the front or rear camera and then create your very own puzzle in Snap and Slide.
  • Use the PS Vita system's motion control features to rack up high scores in Skate Axis.