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Trans-Galactic Tournament

TGT is an action-packed arena battler that’s free-to-play and exclusively on PlayStation®4.

  • PS4
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Sports / Strategy
  • Publisher: Kiz Studios (You42, dba Kiz Studios)
  • Developer: Hibernum Creations, Red Kite Games
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Fantasy Violence



Choose your champions, and prepare for wild interstellar combat!

Welcome to TGT! Inside the arena you’ll find the wildest, weirdest, most battle-hardened fighters in the galaxy. Team up with your friends and destroy the competition in three fast and frantic 4v4 game modes. Collect and customize your champions to battle monsters, robots and aliens in the greatest arena competition the universe has ever known. With a quick-to-learn skill tree and plenty of fighter combos, TGT blends strategy and explosive action for the ultimate experience in team combat.




  • Free to download
  • Try out new champions each week with the free fighter rotation
  • Compete with or against friends in 4v4 battles across three game modes
  • Collect and customize over 20 champions with 100+ Power-Ups, 60+ Skins and 30+ Weapons
  • Climb to the top of the Seasonal Leaderboards and complete Daily Challenges for glory and rewards


They come from distant planets in strange, far-off galaxies. Their ranks include Brutus, a boneheaded gladiator who lives for the thrill of battle; Oddilus, an amphibian freedom fighter with bulging eyes set on revolution; Nexi, a vampire crime boss looking to grow her Criminal Syndicate; and Platimus, the sociopathic unicorn/platypus who’s out to bring that bloodsucker to justice. This is the Trans-Galactic Tournament—the ONLY name in wild interstellar combat. Let the clobberin' begin!


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Trans-Galactic Tournament

  • Trans-Galactic Tournament

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