PS4 Error codes

PlayStation®4 Error codes

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CE-34878-0 An error has occurred with the application.

CE-30005-8 Error occurred while accessing the Hard Disk Drive ("HDD") or Blu-ray / DVD Drive.

CE-36329-3 An error has occurred with system software.

NP-34957-8 Server communication error.

SU-30746-0 The system software update has failed.

CE-32894-6 The connection to the server has been lost.

WS-43709-3 Please check the expiration date of your credit card.

NP-36006-5 Your trophy data may be corrupted.

SU-41350-3 The update file cannot be recognized.

WS-37469-9 Failed to connect to the server.

CE-37732-2 The downloaded file was not installed in the system properly.

CE-34335-8 No Hard Disk Drive detected in your PS4.

CE-34788-0 This update file cannot be used.

SU-42481-9 The system software update has failed.

CE-32930-7 Downloaded data on HDD is likely to be corrupted.

WC-40343-4 The credit or debit card information stored on your account is invalid.

E-8200012C Credit or debit card information is invalid.

NW-31253-4 A network error occurred. Response from DNS server is delayed or unstable.

CE-33992-6 Internet connection test error.

NW-31297-2 Unable to connect to wireless network.

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