Updated September 10 2015

SIXAXIS wireless controller troubleshooting

Find out what to do if you Have Issues using the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller.


Attempt to reset the SIXAXIS wireless controller

The Wireless Controller has a small reset button located on the back near the [L2] button. The controller can be reset to default settings quite easily by clicking this button using a small, unfolded paper-clip or something similar (the button is inside a small hole). After resetting the Wireless Controller, re-pair the controller with the PlayStation 3 system by connecting the USB cable to the controller and the system and pressing the PS button.



Check Your PlayStation 3 System Software Version

To check what version of the System Software is installed on your PlayStation 3:

  • Navigate to Settings on the PlayStation 3 Home Menu.
  • Scroll up/down until you see the [System Settings] option. Press the button.
  • Scroll up/down until you see the [System Information] option. Press the button. 
  • The system will display the System Software version number.  Make sure you have the latest version installed.  You can check online for the latest system version available.

Restore Default Settings

If, after trying all of the suggestions/steps above, you still have issues with the Wireless Controller, we recommend using the restore default settings option from within the PlayStation 3 Settings option.


Additional Troubleshooting

  • Verify if the Wireless Controller works with the USB cable.
  • Verify that the Wireless Controller's battery is charged.
  • Attempt to pair the Wireless Controller to another PlayStation 3 system. This helps determine whether the problem is with the system or the controller.
  • Attempt to connect another Wireless Controller to the PlayStation 3 system.
  • Move closer to the PlayStation 3 system. The maximum range for Bluetooth is 30 feet.
  • Make sure you have less than seven Bluetooth peripherals paired with the PlayStation 3 system.
  • Unplug any other USB device plugged into the system when pairing the Wireless Controller.