Replace a stick module on your controller


How to replace a stick module on your DualSense Edge wireless controller

Find out how to remove and replace the stick module on your controller.

If a stick module doesn’t work properly or stops working, you can replace it with a new stick module (sold separately). Left and right stick modules are interchangeable and can be attached to either side.

  1. Make sure the player indicator on the controller is off.
    If the player indicator is on, press and hold the PS button until it turns off.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the controller.
  3. Remove the front cover.
    Slide the RELEASE latch on the back of your controller to remove the cover.
  1. Raise the release lever.
  1. Remove the stick module and attach a new stick module.
    Make sure that the stick module is positioned correctly, and then slide the module along the grooves of the controller until you hear a click.
  1. Lower the release lever.
  1. Attach the front cover.
    Align the raised parts of the cover with the notches on the controller, and then carefully push the cover into place until you hear a click.

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