Stay safe on PlayStation

Safe, secure PlayStation gaming and online features for the whole family.

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The right games for the right players

Know your age ratings

Learn more about the age ratings and content descriptions that all PlayStation games are subject to – and make sure what your child plays is age appropriate.


Take control

Using parental controls

Find out how you can stay in charge of what your children have access to via their PlayStation consoles – including limiting access to age rated material and buying online from PlayStation Store.


Online protection

What we can all do to keep young people safe on PlayStation Network

Online conduct

Inappropriate behaviour

Learn more about our online code of conduct – and the consequences a user will face if they break that agreement.

Our safety pledge

How PlayStation promotes online safety

We work with police forces and national crime agencies to help promote online safety for children and young people – and to prevent crime on PlayStation Network.

How you can help

Keeping your children safe online

There are a number of ways you can make sure your child is guarded against inappropriate behaviour or content while playing online or using PlayStation Network.


PlayStation Store payments

Avoiding unwanted purchases

Find out more about how online payments work on PlayStation Store – and how you can control a user’s spending and monitor transactions.