Updated 07 April 2017

WC-40377-1 PS4 Error Code

Failed to add funds to wallet using a voucher or PSN card


Your wallet can hold a maximum of R1500,00. If the value of the top-up voucher added to your existing wallet funds means that the balance would be over this limit then you cannot add the voucher until you have spent enough wallet funds to allow the voucher to be added.

For example; if you want to add a R200,00 top-up voucher, you cannot add the voucher until you have R1300,00 or less.

If you aren't at the limit and still receive this error, check that the voucher has not expired and that it is for the same country as your account.

If the issue isn’t explained above, there may be a temporary problem with this voucher. Please try again later and if you still can't add the funds, contact us for more help.


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