PS4: Remote Play connection troubleshooting

PS4: Remote Play connection troubleshooting

Diagnose and resolve issues with Remote Play on PlayStation®4.

Remote play restrictions

Remote Play cannot be used when:

  • Broadcasting from a PS4™ console.

  • Other players are using the PS4 console.

  • Launching a game that does not support Remote Play.

Is your PS4 set up for Remote Play?

  • Check if the PS4 console is on.
    You can set your PS4 console to turn on for Remote Play by visiting Settings > Power saving settings > Set functions in standby mode.

  • Check if the PS4 console has Remote Play enabled.
    Go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Enable Remote Play.

  • Check if your system software version is up to date.
    Select Settings > System Software Update.

Check the PlayStation 4 Remote Play network connection

The minimum required connection speed for Remote Play is 5Mbps for both upload and download.

  • Go to Settings > Network > Test Network Connection to learn your upload and download speeds.

  • Check the PSN service status

Check the Remote Play network connection on your device

  • Perform a network speed test on your device. The minimum required connection speed for Remote Play is 5Mbps for both upload and download.

  • Make sure the network NAT type is Type 2 or less. Learn your NAT type by launching the PS4 Remote Play application, then click Settings and choose the Information tab.

If your connection is not strong enough to support Remote Play, please visit the PSN connection optimization page for tips on how to boost your connection speeds.

Reinstall the Remote Play application on your device

First uninstall the PS4 Remote Play application using the directions for your device below, and then reinstall it afterwards.

From the Control Panel, click Programs and Features, and then uninstall PS4 Remote Play.

Drag PS4 Remote Play from the Applications folder to the Trash. Then choose Finder > Empty Trash.

Tap and hold the Remote Play app then select “uninstall”.

How to get the best Remote Play experience

Is Remote Play being blocked by anti-virus software?

The anti-virus software on your device may be blocking Remote Play. Try disabling the firewall settings on your antivirus software, or adding Remote Play application to the firewall program exceptions. For details, refer to the instructions provided by the antivirus software.

Lower PS4 Remote Play resolution

You can change the remote play video quality by starting PS4 Remote Play and selecting Settings > Remote play video quality > Resolution.

Blank screen on PC when setting up PS4 Remote Play

You may need to install the latest graphics driver. Please refer to your graphics card manufacturer for the latest drivers and installation instructions.

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