Troubleshoot sign in issues on PSN

Troubleshoot sign in issues on PSN

Learn how to resolve some common issues when signing in to PlayStation™Network

Forgot your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password or verification information (such as your date of birth), visit the guide below for steps to recover your account.

Forgot your sign-in ID (email address) for PlayStation Network (PSN) ?

  • Try searching for “PlayStation purchase” in all of your email inboxes, including any junk or spam folders. If you find the email address you used to set up the account, reset your password by following the guide below.
  • If you can't access the email address for your account, contact us.

Know your username and password, but can't sign in?

  • Have you verified your sign-in ID (email address)?
    Search your email inbox for “PlayStation verify” and click the link in the email to verify your sign-in ID.
  • Is your system software up to date?
    Select your console for more information.

  • Can you reset your password?
    Try to reset your password following the guide below.

  • Turn your console and router off and then on again.
    If you are using WiFi to connect your console to the internet, try using a wired connection. For more connection troubleshooting, visit PlayStation Repairs.

  • Try to sign in to Account Management online.
    If you can't access your account, you may have been suspended. Visit the guide below for more information.

Could someone else be using your account?

If you think your account has been compromised, please visit the guide below for more information.

Having trouble with 2-Step Verification?

If you are having issues receiving a verification text message or code, visit the guide below to regain access to your account.

Need help? 

Contact our support specialists