Paragon is the MOBA from Epic Games that puts you in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: MOBA
  • Publisher: Epic Games
  • Developer: Epic Games

A Notice from Epic Games:

It’s with heavy hearts we’ve decided to close down Paragon. We truly appreciate everything you’ve put into Paragon. We’ll continue operating Paragon servers until April 26, 2018. As the player population continues to decrease, matchmaking times and quality will further degrade.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for your dedication to Paragon.

-- The Paragon Team


Epic Strategy

Paragon is a MOBA

MOBAs, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, grew out of fan-made mods to PC real-time strategy games, borrowing the basic gameplay, but tweaking the formula to create a deeply cooperative, teamwork-heavy offshoot that has taken the world by storm. Paragon takes the core MOBA concept and lets players experience it from a far more intense, action-packed perspective all while leveraging the technical prowess of Unreal Engine 4 to deliver visuals never seen in a MOBA before.

Latest Update

Paragon's V.40 update is now live! Dive into the Age of Intellect which brings tons of updates to the game. Play as Phase, Paragon's latest Support Hero that can save lives with her tether. In addition to Phase, 15 Heroes have been rebalanced and over 30 cards have been updated. Read all about the changes on the Paragon blog.


Enter the World of Agora

Presented from a third-person perspective that lets players see the battlefield on ground-level, Paragon adds a new layer of verticality to MOBAs, allowing attacks to come from above and below players. It makes Agora a beautiful and deadly place to explore.


All Heroes are Free

New Heroes Every Three Weeks


Paragon features a diverse and continually growing selection of Heroes, each with unique abilities designed to complement your allies and dominate your opponents. New heroes are added to the ever-expanding roster every three weeks, giving you more choices and new powers.


Deep Strategic Choice

Build Decks To Win



The card system in Paragon gives Heroes unique powers and capabilities on the battlefield. Build your collection by playing, and create decks that lead your team to victory. Because cards affect power in game, they can only be earned by playing the game.

Share Your Glory

Enjoy More Ways to Level Up

Those who participate in the Early Access Season can take advantage of Double XP Weekends, daily and weekly rewards, boosts and Community Challenges. All that progress is yours to keep; no progression wipes, no stat resets. Learn and perfect strategies, then use the built-in Replay System to create custom playback of matches from new and dramatic angles.


Action Meets Strategy

When you compete in 5-on-5 battles with constantly swinging momentum, teamwork is key. Knowing not only your Hero’s skills, but those of your teammates and enemies can mean all the difference.


Essentials Edition

Buy Paragon Essentials Edition and get an extra $10 of in-game currency!


Out of the Box

Essentials Edition Includes:

  • $60 Worth of In-Game Currency - spend on additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts, and other items.
  • Access to Beta (through the disc)
  • (5) Hero Master Challenges, unlocks Skins, plus opens more rewards for each Hero Level.
  • (4) Instantly Unlocked Skins
  • Includes Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, and the next 2 newest Hero Master Challenges (soon-to-be-announced)!

Bonus: Includes Wasteland Twinblast skin (Product Launch Exclusive)

  • (5) Three-Win Rep Boosts – to earn rewards faster.

Over $160 in value!*

*Based on in-game currency value


Screenshots & Videos

See Paragon in Action

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