The best local multiplayer games for PS5

Enjoy the latest and greatest local multiplayer games on PS5 with an extra DualSense wireless controller – now available in a wide range of colors.

Multiplayer sports games

Outscore your opponents

Take it to the court or press play on the pitch with these amazing sports games that support local multiplayer modes.

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EA Sports FC 24

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

With over 19,000 licensed players, 700 teams and 30 leagues, EA Sports FC delivers realistic soccer action to your PlayStation 5. Play as your favorite countries and clubs or create your own squad of superstars across a range of game modes.

  • HyperMotionV technology captures the game as it’s played, using volumetric data from real matches to create lifelike player movement, and the enhanced Frostbite Engine ensures the matchday experience is presented in incredible detail.
  • Assemble your dream XI in Ultimate Team, choosing from the largest roster of players seen in EA’s series to date. Local mulitplayer is supported by a range of game modes including Volta, Kick Off, Tournaments and Co-op Seasons.
  • The DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback provides responsive vibrations to on-screen action, so you’ll feel every kick, tackle and goal hitting the back of the net. 

MLB The Show 24

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

Live out your baseball dreams in MLB The Show 24, where the superstars of the present trade innings with the legends of the past.

  • Build your own fantasy team in Diamond Dynasty mode. Collect player cards, customize your team’s look and stadium, and climb the leaderboards in head-to-head, co-op or single-player action.
  • Storylines mode transports you into the sport’s past to relive iconic baseball moments. Be a part of career-making pitches and hits in this combination of immersive gameplay and visual storytelling.
  • The DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback puts the impact of every hit and force of every catch in the palm of your hands, amplifying the game’s most exciting moments.
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NBA 2K24

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

Get as close to the action as you can be without a courtside ticket in NBA 2K24, featuring realistic player likenesses from current teams and historic rosters, refined controls and many game modes.

  • Recreate the skills of cover star Kobe Bryant in MAMBA MOMENTS mode, following his journey from a young maverick to a superstar of the sport.
  • Design your own MyPLAYER and set out on your own journey to NBA stardom in MyCAREER mode, or build your dream roster in MyTEAM, where all-stars past and present shoot hoops together. Play head-to-head with friends in MyTEAM, exhibition matches and more. 
  • Revamped controls make both attack and defensive play more rewarding, and ProPLAY technology translates real NBA footage into gameplay. The DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers react to on-court play, furthering the immersion. 
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Madden NFL 24

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

The long-running NFL series is better than ever in 2024 with enhanced gameplay that takes its realism to new heights.

  • Play against friends in Superstar Showdown mode, calling your real-time plays on the fly and customizing your avatar as you progress. Same-sofa players can grab a controller each and go straight into Quick Play for immediate action.
  • FieldSENSE and SAPIEN Technology represents a leap forward in NFL player authenticity – athletes have accurate physiques, which translate to realistic on-field movements. 
  • Further enhancements like Skill-Based Passing 2.0 and Hit Everything 2.0, covering improved catching and throwing and player awareness respectively, makes this the most lifelike Madden yet.
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Multiplayer fighting games

Same-sofa special moves

Pick from the iconic rosters of long-running fighting game series or get into the ring as one of the world’s greatest sports entertainment superstars.

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Tekken 8

2 players | Local competitive

Play as favorites old and new in the latest entry of this legendary fighting game series, which brings with it new gameplay options for beginners and veterans alike. 

  • Take advantage of the new Heat System, which can be activated once per round for powerful special moves or select Special Style to map combos to single buttons – a great way for beginners to see spectacular action.
  • Incredibly detailed character models, with bulging veins and flushed skin, and destructible, dramatic environments make this one of the most visually stunning games in its genre, with local one-on-one fights supported in several modes.
  • Feedback via the DualSense wireless controller has you feeling every battle as Tekken 8 plunges you into its all-out fighting force.

Street Fighter 6

2 players | Local competitive

The next evolution of the Street Fighter series features new and innovative gameplay features, enhanced visuals and three control types to suit differing skill levels.

  • Select from Modern, Dynamic or Classic controls, as best fits your Street Fighter experience. This combined with the new Drive System opens even more combat options, making this a supremely accessible fighting game.
  • Explore the single-player World Tour mode when playing solo and seek out new rivals in the Battle Hub. However you play, every bout is an important step on your path to becoming a World Warrior.
  • Vibration functions on the DualSense wireless controller ensure the impact of every special move connects with your own hands just as palpably as it does your on-screen opponents. 
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WWE 2K24

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

Join the biggest superstars in sports entertainment as WWE 2K24 presents 40 years of WrestleMania history, with a playable roster spanning countless icons of the ring.

  • Team up with or face off against friends as a vast number of WWE legends, from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the Undertaker to John Cena and “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes.
  • Explore a host of game modes, including Casket and Ambulance matches, and become the Guest Referee and bring your own perspective to the rules of the ring. And Backstage Brawl means the action doesn’t stop when you step away from the crowd.
  • Haptic feedback channels the impact of slams straight to the DualSense wireless controller in your hands, so you’ll never doubt that this action isn’t for real.
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Multiplayer racing games

High-speed split-screen thrills

Whether you like your racing games to be real-to-life simulation experiences or arcade-style fun, PS5 has you covered.

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Gran Turismo 7

2 players | Local competitive

The Real Driving Simulator has something for everyone, be they a committed and competitive racer or a casual driver looking for immediate thrills, and is playable in competitive split-screen.

  • Find your line with Gran Turismo 7’s incredible array of game modes, including Arcade, GT Campaign and Driving School. Simulation Mode allows you to tune every detail of your chosen car.
  • Collect, tune and race over 420 cars, from classic motors to cutting-edge supercars, each captured in unrivalled detail and possessing unique handling models.
  • The DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers have you feeling your anti-lock brakes and wheel spins, while haptic feedback puts every bump in the tarmac and the groove of the curb at the tips of your fingers.

Dirt 5

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

Take part in local multiplayer races supporting up to four-player split-screen action in the latest entry in the Dirt franchise, featuring muscle cars, buggies, rallycross vehicles, trucks and more.

  • Race on over 70 tracks set in 10 different global locations – pick your route, pick your car, and jump straight into the action. Will you take on the streets of New York, or burn rubber under the Northern Lights?
  • Play Career mode in co-op, with friends becoming your in-game teammates in simultaneous split-screen races. Earn rewards together as you progress as a team.
  • Feel everything the course throws at you – gravel tracks, snow, ice and sand – through the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback, and its adaptive triggers mean that accelerating and braking feels different subject to what’s under your tires. 
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Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged

2-4 players | Local competitive

Put a new spin on toy-to-life gaming with this frenetic arcade racer, which supports up to four players in split-screen, that lets you take familiar Hot Wheels motors for a ride across a series of absurd and amazing tracks.

  • Unlock over 130 Hot Wheels vehicles including many Hot Wheels Originals and Monster Trucks, and ATVs and motorbikes. Each has its own racing style, so experiment to find your favorites. Upgrade your vehicles on a skill tree to become unbeatable.
  • Race around a back yard, a mini-golf course, a Wild West-themed village and more, as each location promises stunning environments to blast through, on the track and off it. And when you’re feeling creative, construct your own courses in Track Editor.
  • Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are supported, meaning that your toy cars will feel remarkably real through the DualSense wireless controller. 
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Moto GP 23

2 players | Local competitive

Swap four wheels for two in the latest instalment of the Moto GP series which features four championship classes, customizable racers and bikes, and same-sofa split-screen play.

  • All-new dynamic weather means race conditions can change rapidly, keeping players on their toes as tactics may need to change.
  • The new (and optional) neural aids system helps beginners in critical moments, preventing crashes and spills without taking control away from the player.
  • The DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers put the throttle at your fingertips and haptic feedback has you feeling every inch of the track.
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Multiplayer platforming games

Jumping for joy

If your favorite games are all about leaping around colorful environments, these picks will put a spring in your step.

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Sackboy: A Big Adventure

2-4 players | Local co-op

PlayStation hero Sackboy takes center stage for this 3D platform adventure in which the land of Craftworld is threatened by the dastardly Vex, who aims to turn Sackboy’s home into a nightmarish eyesore.

  • Play with up to three other friends locally as Sackboy and his Knitted Knight allies in a frantic race against time.
  • Enjoy the whole adventure in local multiplayer, travelling across incredibly varied environments from snowy scenes to outer space, and take on dedicated co-op levels where only teamwork can win the day.
  • The DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback makes each level feel unique. Whether sliding over ice or trampling through leaves, the vibrations will make you feel like you’re there with our hessian hero.

Sonic Superstars

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

The Blue Blur finds himself far away from Green Hill Zone as Sonic Superstars takes him (and friends) to the mystical Northstar Islands for an all-new 2D platforming adventure best played at high speed.

  • Play the game’s entire campaign in co-op, with up to four players supported on split-screen. Choose from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, all of whom have new Emerald powers.
  • The side-scrolling action is built in 3D graphics, giving this Sonic a beautiful new look. Explore your new surroundings to find secrets, or power through to complete levels in the quickest time.
  • Take your friends into Battle Mode to play a selection of competitive minigames, ranging from a classic race to the shoot ‘em up-styled Zap Scrap and the last-player-standing Survival.
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It Takes Two

2 players | Local co-op

Invite a friend to embark on a genre-bending 3D platform adventure created specifically for two players. You’ll need to work together closely in this strange experience which finds humans Cody and May turned into dolls.

  • Solve puzzles and complete levels as a pair, piecing together the broken relationship between Cody and May as you go.
  • Every new stage presents new challenges – and new connected character abilities, which are required to overcome them. You’ll never know what’s coming next in this offbeat but heartfelt platformer.
  • The winner of multiple industry awards, including best multiplayer game at the BAFTA Games Awards and overall game of the year at The Game Awards, It Takes Two is a game (and story) that will stay with you long after the credits roll.
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More multiplayer local co-op games

Variety is the spice of multiplayer life

Looking for something other than sporting, fighting, racing or jumping local multiplayer fun? The PS5 library is full of unique experiences – and here are four to get you started.

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Overcooked! All You Can Eat

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

Gorge yourself on as much Overcooked as you like in this madcap cooking game that contains all levels from the first title, its sequel and DLC packs.

  • Work together to fulfil kitchen orders in environments where it’s not just your speed of service that will be challenged. Fires will break out, bits of your kitchen will come apart, and sometimes the floor will float away.
  • Drink in the overhauled visuals as hundreds of levels of kitchen chaos are rendered in beautifully crisp 4K.
  • As well as various game modes, newcomers can activate assist mode to slow timers and skip levels, to make sure fun never gives way to frustration.


2 players | Local co-op

Fortnite’s famous battle royale mode supports two-player split-screen play, so you can survive the storm and aim for a Victory Royale alongside a friend.

  • Split-screen play can be used in Duos and Squads modes, within Fortnite’s Battle Royale options. This also covers Save the World, Creative and Limited Time Modes that support Duos and Squads.
  • Fortnite runs at 60FPS and in 4K even in split-screen, so you’re not compromising any clarity or detail while shrinking your individual screen size.
  • Every weapon in Fortnite feels different through the DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers. Your favorite firearms will vibrate the controller in different ways, enhancing the fun.
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Goat Simulator 3

2-4 players | Local competitive and co-op

Lick and headbutt your way around an open world full of chaotic potential in this sandbox experience where GOAT actually means goat.

  • Create carnage as a team of up to four using local split-screen, and dress your goat up in a colorful variety of outfits. Or don’t be a goat at all – there are other, equally odd options.
  • Mess with everything – the joy of Goat Simulator 3 is found in simply being a menace to the residents of this virtual world, so show no mercy as you utterly ruin their days.
  • Take on your friends in comedic minigames like King of the Hill, Prop Hunt, Head Splat and The Floor is Lava. 
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Diablo IV

2 players | Local co-op

The legendary RPG series returns with a spectacular and vast new world to explore, filled with the promise of adventure – as well as plenty of fiendish foes and legendary loot.

  • The land of Sanctuary has fallen into a new era of darkness as Lilith, the daughter of the Lord of Hatred Mephisto, exerts her influence. Take on the challenge of this corrupted place in two-player single-screen co-op.
  • Meet other pairs of players online and become a party of four to increase the odds in your favor as you take on non-linear quests and delve into demon-filled dungeons.
  • Might and magic vibrates through the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback, making enemy encounters more thrilling and immersing you deeper into this fantastical world.
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Discover more great PS5 couch co-op games

Ready to play together?

Add a second DualSense wireless controller to your PS5 setup and bring player two into your game. Choose from six new vibrant colors — Gray Camouflage, Galactic Purple, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Cosmic Red, Midnight Black — to bring your controller collection to the next level.