First VR MOBA game coming to PlayStation®VR!

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: MOBA
ESRB - T Rating
Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes

This is for the MOBA players

Control three characters, called Leaders, each with unique abilities.

The target is to destroy the enemy base while defending your own base.

Collect resources to build towers. The towers protect you and give you vision to enemy movements.

Play without the boundary of a 2D screen.


What happens when MOBA comes to VR?

You can grab and move the characters (called Leaders) directly.

No need for a mini-map...you just look around and you can see the whole battlefield.

Feel the game with haptic feedback on your fingers, and listen to enemy movement with 3D audio.


Among the three Leaders you control, there is one human character (called the Hero) and two strange-looking Leaders (called the Dominators).

Every Leader has an active skill you can use, and a passive skill that is automatically engaged.

By defeating enemy Leaders or neutral monsters, your Leaders get experience to level up.


The soldiers travel with the Leader.

The energy source, called quark, comes from the towers. With quarks, you can strengthen the soldiers, and get up to three soldiers per Leader.

Map and Battlefield

Every battlefield has symbols of the world Oldus.

Not only does the battlefield look great, but it contributes to a balanced game.

With a different field, you need a different strategy: hiding in bushes, going through the hidden route, or attacking the enemy base directly. It's your choice.

Character Counter Picking

The players take turns to pick the Leaders. Some Leaders work better in certain battlefields.

There can only be one unique character on the battlefield, so picking your favorite Leaders or counter picking against your opponent will change how you play.

The fight begins when you start picking.


When a Leader is near you and your tower, your tower will attack any incoming enemies.

The towers provide you vision and provide quarks for the soldiers.

Each tower has special ability called the Tower Tech, with which you can befriend natural monsters, revive a fallen Leader, etc.

Ways to Play

Both the DUALSHOCK®4 and the PlayStation Move controllers can be used.

Use both hands, or use one hand...pick your own play style.

Yes, you can play with just one DUALSHOCK®4!



+ many more in-game!

Blossom Blade


The user warps instantly to an indicated location, where they perform a spinning blade attack, inflicting damage on all enemies within the area of effect. If any enemy leader is defeated by this damage, active skills will become available again for a period of time.



Movement speed is increased for a period of time during battle.

Lightning Speed


Creates a wind-based energy field in an indicated area that lasts for a fixed period, increasing the attack speed and movement speed of allies within the area of effect.

Adaptive Stance


Movement speed is increased for a fixed period when an enemy Leader performs an active skill within a specified area.



Deals damage to enemies within the area of effect, and reduces their movement speed for a fixed period.

Hunter Gatherer


Unit will earn resources for defeating larger Eaters.



+ many more in-game!

Spinning Slice


The user performs a spinning blade attack that deals damage over the entire area of effect, and increases attack power and attack speed for a fixed period.

Last Stand


For every enemy Leader (a stack limit applies) within a specified area, damage taken is reduced.



Summons an energy beam that fires at a specified location, dealing damage over the entire area of effect.

Lead Seal


Slows the movement speed of enemy Leaders within a specified range of a defeated unit for a fixed period.



The user creates a cursed energy field over a specified area and begins chanting. Enemies within the area of effect will have their movement speed reduced. When chanting is complete, enemies will receive damage based on how long they spent within the field.

Soul Drain


Upon defeating enemies, the unit absorbs their souls (a stack limit applies), and attack power increases for each soul absorbed. If a further enemy is not defeated within a specified period, the souls collected will gradually begin to dissipate, along with the accompanying bonus.

Jumping Claw


The user jumps to an indicated location and deals damage over the area of effect, stunning enemies for a fixed period.



When an attack that should reduce health to 0 is sustained, health will not drop to 0 for a fixed period. Cooldown applies.


Images and Videos

See DARK ECLIPSE in Action

Playstation®VR is not for use by children under age 12. Playstation®4 system, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are required to experience VR functionality.