Antiquia Lost

An authentic RPG of a journey with a girl made of slime! Enjoy fluid 2D turn-based battles!

  • PS4
  • Also onPS Vita
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  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: KEMCO
  • Developer: EXE-CREATE
ESRB - E10+ Rating
Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes

Antiquia Lost:

Special Edition

This edition includes five additional content that boost the Experience, SP, Skill Level or add additional features.

  • Experience Value Crystal
  • SP Crystal
  • Skill Level Crystal
  • Boost Bead Set
  • Battle Encounter Bead
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Discover the truth of the history of the world!

Bine is a young man who lives in a small rural village. One day, he is asked by Lunaria, a girl who lives near the village, to go with her to the royal capital.

With more and more disappearances occurring, the rulers' reactions are mixed.
And there is a forgotten existence, too...

"Trusting hearts" become "strength." This is just the start of the story...



A world inhabited by three tribes.

In the past, this world was the site of the Great Battle, a war between the tribes. But that's part of history now.

The three tribes work together with each other, and the world is at peace.

But a certain incident strains that peace, and it starts to crack.

Dark clouds are gathering over the future of the world, a future everyone thought would go on forever...



Fluid 2D battles

Antiquia Lost features turn-based battles with beautiful and fluid 2D animation. The more you use a skill in battle, the more its level rises, and the more powerful it becomes. Fight strong enemies by making use of skills and the individual characteristics of the three tribes!

A heroine eating gems!

The heroine, Lunaria, a girl with one parent each from the Ruta and Fai tribes, has a special characteristic different from the other characters.

She does not have levels that go up after battles. Instead, she eats gems that are sometimes dropped by demons, and in addition you can let her eat gems that aren't needed. Eating these gems makes her stronger and stronger!

In battle, she has a special skill: She can mimic monsters for powerful attacks! But sometimes...

Featuring many other elements!

The game features a wide range of achievements and elements. For example, customize and adapt weapons to make them stronger! Plant beans in plant pots at the Farm, and harvest fruits (and sometimes, incredible items)! Quests and arenas where you can fight strong enemies! And once you complete the game...!



  • Bine

  • Lunaria

  • Jade




  • Safira

  • Alma




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