Updated 24 February 2020

Content is visible in the PlayStation 4 library but it cannot be launched

This article explains what might stop you from launching content that appears to have downloaded and how to fix the issue.

  1. The content was added to the Library by a user who temporarily activated the PlayStation 4

If the content was downloaded to the system by a user who had temporarily activated it on their account as a secondary PlayStation 4, other users do not have access to that content once the downloader has signed out of PlayStation Network. To access this content either ask the purchaser to sign into PlayStation Network or purchase the content on your own account.

  1. The licence has expired

If your content has suddenly stopped working you may find that this is because the license has expired if you have not used your PlayStation 4 online for a while. To fix this problem go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Restore License] and press (X button).

  1. The content has not completely downloaded

Check that the file you are trying to start has fully downloaded. Go to the game either on the content launcher or in [Library], highlight it and press OPTIONS (do not select Start). Choose [Information] from the menu on the left and check Download Status. This will show you how much of the game has downloaded compared with the total size of the file. You cannot start the game until these two numbers are the same.

  1. There is an issue with part of the content that has already been downloaded

Delete any game data that exists for the title you wish to download:

Go to [Library], highlight the game (or go into the folder to highlight add-on) and press ‘Options’ and then delete. To re-download the content find it in the store and select ‘Download’.