Updated 13 October 2020

How to earn Trophies on PlayStation®

Learn about trophy settings, and how your trophy level is determined and how to sync your trophies.


What are trophies on PlayStation®4? 

Trophies are rewards for achievements that can be earned by playing games on PlayStation™Network.

Trophy types 

The trophies available, starting from most difficult are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The number and types of trophies, and the conditions for earning them, vary from game to game.

Trophy Rarity

Trophies can have a different rarity depending on the amount of players that obtained the same trophy. Trophy rarity increases in this order: common, rare, very rare, ultra-rare.

How to increase the trophy level of your account

Every trophy you gain by playing also increases your overall trophy level. The trophy level is determined by points received for every trophy type you obtained. 

  • Trophy levels and points required


















How to adjust trophy settings

Trophies you have won are visible on your profile on the PlayStation Network. Adjust who can view your trophies in Privacy Settings

How to sync trophies

Enable automatic updates to make sure your PS4 trophies will sync automatically when connected to PlayStation Network. You may need to manually sync trophies earned offline or on PlayStation 3, PS TV and PS Vita systems. 

How to manually sync your trophies

PlayStation 4

  • From the home screen select [Trophies] and press OPTIONS > [Sync With PlayStation Network].
  • PlayStation 3

    1. Select  [PlayStation Network] > [Trophy Collection] 
    2. Press Triangle and [Sync Trophies With PSN℠].

How to compare trophies with your friends

PlayStation 4

  1. Sign in to PlayStation Network and go to [Trophy Collection].
  2. Go to [Compare Trophies] and choose the person you want to compare trophies with.
  3. Press OPTIONS and select change player to view a different player's trophies.
  • PlayStation 3

    1. Sign-in to PlayStation Network.
    2. Go to [Friends] and select the avatar of the person you want to compare your trophies with.
    3. Select [Compare Trophies] to display the trophies you and your friend have won in each game.
    4. Select the friend that you want to compare trophies with.

How to delete trophies 

You can delete trophies that have no achievement progress. 

PlayStation 4

  • Go to  [Trophies] and highlight the trophy you want to delete. Press [Options] > [Delete].

PlayStation App

  • On PlayStation App go to  [Profile] >  [Trophies]. Tap the trophy you want to delete and select [Delete].

How to hide trophies 

You can hide your trophy activity from other players or hide select games to stop players from viewing the trophies you gained. 

How to find Platinum trophy rewards

Select games may provide additional rewards such as a theme or an avatar for gaining a Platinum trophy. These rewards may vary depending on the game and region. 

Web browser: 

  1. Go to Account management > [Notification Settings] 
  2. Tick the checkbox if you wish to receive marketing communications.
  3. Your rewards code be emailed to the sign-in ID email address registered on your account within 14 days. 

How to resolve trophy issues

  • Check PSN Status and your network connection.
  • On your PS4 select [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Restore Licenses].