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PlayStation Video. The best of new movies and TV.

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The big night in

Find something great to watch

Movies fresh from the cinema. TV shows everyone’s talking about.  Watch them months before they show up on subscription services. So it’s your house for Saturday night at the movies. And any other night of the week too.


Rent or buy in seconds

Pay less than the cost of two cinema tickets

Buy the latest blockbuster and still have change for a bag of toffee popcorn. Or rent it for less than the price of the popcorn alone. No subscriptions, no commitments. Just watch what you want when you feel like it.

Store your purchases online

Save your hard drive space for gaming

Don’t worry about where you’re going to keep that three-hour sci-fi epic. You’ve got an online library to store all your TV shows and movies in, ready to stream in glorious High Definition. Your game saves are safe.


Your own multi-screen complex

Watch at home or on the move

  • On TV

    PlayStation Video is easily accessed on your PS4 or PS3 as well as Sony Bravia Smart TVs and Sony Smart Blu-ray Disc players.

  • On PC or Mac

    Buy, rent and watch movies and TV shows on your computer.

  • On Xperia smartphone or tablet

    Watch films and shows from your library and add new titles.