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Check out the biggest new PS4 features from recent system software updates.

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System software 5.00

Released on 3 October 2017, the latest PS4 system software update added a host of new features including improved parental controls through Family on PSN, team vs team esports tournaments, updates to friends lists and messaging, new system languages and much more.


Family on PSN

More control for Parents and Guardians

Get set up as a Family Manager and you’ll be able to oversee everything your Family can play, watch and do online via the improved Family on PSN settings.

Replacing the previous master/sub account setup, you can now individually manage age-rated games and movies, control spending from your PSN wallet, restrict web browser and online access and more.

Family web portal

Alongside the launch of Family on PSN, you can now sign in to a dedicated web portal and manage your Family Members’ PS4 permissions from PC, smartphone, or from your PS4 settings menu.


Team vs Team tournaments

Play as a team in online ESL gaming tournaments with the new Team vs Team function, available via the Events tab of your PS4 home screen.

Join or create a team of up to 100 players to squad up and compete together in selected team-based online multiplayer games, add tournaments to your team schedule and show off your results to the world.


Follow anyone

Expand your What’s New feed to be even more social by following any other player’s activities, without needing to be PSN friends with them.

Follow a fellow player and you’ll see all of the videos and screenshots that they share, or the live broadcasts they stream, all within your social feed.

Virtual surround sound for PS VR

Enjoy an even more immersive viewing experience for your DVD and Blu-ray collection with PS VR, with the addition of 5.1ch and 7.1ch surround sound through your headphones.


Twitch 1080p streaming

Broadcast your gameplay or watch other players’ streams in 1080p HD and at 60 frames per second with PS4 Pro.

Messaging & Notification improvements

Share your favourite tracks from Spotify with your friends via PS4 messaging, and they’ll be able to listen to the track directly from the message and add it to their own playlists via the Spotify mobile app.

You’ll also have greater control over notifications with the ability to preview them in the quick menu, change notification colours, disable message previews, and switch notification off completely when you’re watching a movie or streaming a TV show.

Friends list management

Create custom lists of all your PSN friends and arrange them into groups – so you can find the people you like to chat to or play your favourite games with quickly and easily and send them messages or game invites.


Top features from previous updates

PS4 is always evolving - check out these major features that have been added in recent updates.

External HDD storage

You can now connect any USB 3.0 storage device to your PS4, format it to the correct spec and download, install or move new games and apps onto it.

USB storage devices up to 8TB can be used, giving an incredible amount of space to save and organise your games.

HDR support

All PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles now support HDR displays, bringing richer, more vibrant colours to supported games like Horizon Zero Dawn, FIFA 17 and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

If you own a HDR-enabled TV, your PS4 will now be able to take full advantage of this to deliver a broader colour spectrum much closer to what the human eye can detect.


Your PS4 home screen, profile page and how you organise your games and apps are yours to personalise however you want.

  • Customise your home screen with a new background chosen from your gallery of in-game screenshots.
  • Update your profile with a fresh background image from your gallery of in-game screenshots.
  • Post status updates and share screenshots direct to your friends’ What’s New feed.
  • Organise your games and apps into custom folders, letting you arrange and group them however you like.

Take everything with you

Data Transfer

You can now easily move all your data - including games saves, personal settings and downloaded content – between your existing console and a new console using your home network. All you’ll need is a wired networking cable, your home router and access to the internet.

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