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New to PS4

Latest features

The best place to play just got better: we’ve added a fresh new look to your PS4's system menus, homepage and applications, redesigned major interfaces like the Quick and Share menus, added customizable folders to arrange all your content and enabled support the latest display technology - HDR - across all PS4 systems. 


The touch of a button...

Customisable Quick Menu

The Quick Menu overlay – that pops up when you hold the ‘PS’ button – has been completely re-designed to make it easier to use and give you more of the options you need with the touch of a button.
  • You can now make system changes during play, while broadcasting or while using SharePlay without taking your eyes off the action. This is thanks to a resized menu overlay that no longer fills the whole screen.
  • Join a party, adjust music player settings or check out who is online without returning to the home-screen using the new ‘Party’ and ‘Online Friends’ and ‘Music Player’ shortcuts.
  • Add additional shortcuts like ‘Communities’, ‘User Options’ and ‘Broadcast’ to the Quick Menu and sort them according to your preference.

Re-styled interface

We’ve updated the look and feel of your PS4 home screen with updates to icons, tiles notifications and menus right across the system interface. While many of these are minor tweaks that you may not notice right away, they all combine – along with a choice of three system backgrounds – to offer a crisp new presentation.


Hey, good looking…

Profiles and Live Details

Yours and friends’ profiles have been revised and updated to provide more relevant information about the games you’ve been playing, the trophies you’ve earned and the communities you’re active in. You can also personalize your profile with a cover image.

The Live Detail area – that appears below game tiles on your system menu – now has more options allowing you to see which friends and communities are playing the game, any trending streams that are currently being broadcast and any add-ons or downloadable content available on PlayStation Store.


Custom Folders

You can now easily keep track of your ever-expanding games and apps collection with custom folders. These can be added to both the main home-screen and your library and will store as many games and apps as you wish. You’re free to edit, sort or remove them at any time.


Moments worth sharing

Group and Share features

Re-living your best gaming moments has never been easier with a re-designed Share menu that not only makes it easier to sort images and clips but also gives you more ways to share.  At the same time, improvements to Communities mean there’re more people than ever to share with:

  • Post screenshots directly to your favourite Communities where other members will be able to like, comment on or start conversations about them.
  • Reply directly to any original comment posted to a group wall of which you’re a member.
  • Upload video clips of up to 140 seconds to Twitter.
You’ll now also be able to access Communities directly through the home screen via a handy new menu application.

Seeing is believing

HDR support

To ensure that your PS4 stays up-to-date with the latest display technology, we’ve added support for High Dynamic Range or ‘HDR’ to all existing PS4 systems.

HDR technology dramatically improves the complexity and depth of colour visible on modern hi-definition displays, giving a more true-to-life, colour-rich image. If you own a television which features HDR, you’re PS4 will now be able to take full advantage of this to deliver crisper, more realistic images across all games, features and applications.

Take everything with you

Data Transfer

You can now easily move all your data - including games saves, personal settings and downloaded content – between your existing console and a new console using your home network. All you’ll need is a wired networking cable, your home router and access to the internet.


How to update

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