Updated 30 October 2018

PS4: Tournament issues

Resolving problems in tournaments.


Issue with result

If you missed your match for any of the following reasons, it means that your opponent automatically won:

  • Missed Check In
  • Missed start time

If you disagree with the result that your opponent reported send them a message to see if you can politely work out the issue between you. If this doesn’t work select [Go to Support Page] on the Tournament detail page so ESL’s human moderators can investigate further and possibly change the result.

See more information on ESL’s help pages.

'You do not pass all league restrictions' error message

You might see this message if you did not provide your date of birth or if your ESL account country does not match your PSN region. To solve this problem:

  1. Sign into your ESL account via web browser.
  2. Change the date of birth or country on your ESL account by going to [Settings] > [Edit Personal Info].
  3. You can now register.