Frequently Asked Questions

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What is happening with PlayStation Vue? 

·        Sony Interactive Entertainment is discontinuing the PlayStation Vue service as of January 30th, 2020. 

·        There will be no changes to the provision of the service until that date. Subscribers who remain active with the service will continue to have full access to live, On Demand and DVR programs on all supported PS Vue devices until January 30th, 2020. After this date the service and all content will no longer be accessible.


Why is PlayStation Vue Shutting Down?

·        Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to focus on its core gaming business.  For more information read the blog post here


If I continue my subscription, when will I receive my final charge for the service?

·        Active paid subscribers will receive their final charge for PlayStation Vue in December 2019, unless they cancel prior to their billing date. After the final charge in December 2019, active subscribers will receive access to the service through January 30th, 2020. 


Will I still be able to purchase a package, standalone or add-on?

·        PlayStation Vue no longer allows for new or existing customers to purchase packages. As always, subscribers can cancel at any time here.


How do I redeem a voucher outside of the Vue application?

·        Vouchers can be redeemed on console through the PlayStation Store, on the PlayStation mobile app, or through your account management page found at 


Can I cancel the service at any time?

·        Yes, there are no changes to cancellation policies - subscribers can cancel the service at any time. 

·        Subscribers can review their current plan details and cancel here.  Subscribers who cancel the service may not be able to re-subscribe.

·        If subscribers cancel their subscription they will continue to get access to the service for the remainder of their subscription period (until the next billing date).


 Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

·        Unfortunately not. Subscribers may no longer upgrade or downgrade to different plans. You are free, however, to cancel any time.

 Will I be refunded?

·        Subscribers who cancel will continue to get access to the service for the remainder of their subscription period (until their next billing date).

·        Payments already made are non-refundable, unless otherwise required by law.


Will I be able to cancel the service and repurchase?

·        Subscribers who cancel their service may not be able to re-subscribe.