Updated 3 August 2017

Using the SHARE button

Find out how to use the SHARE button on your DualShock 4 and what features you can use with this.


Basic operations of the SHARE button

Short Press Display the menu for the Share feature, take a screenshot, and save a video clip. A screenshot is saved at the moment the menu for the Share feature is displayed. If you are playing a game, a video clip is also saved at this moment. Use this when you want to save something and quickly share it.
Long Press Take a screenshot. When you press and hold the button for at least 1 second, a screenshot is taken and (finished) is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Use this when you want to take a screenshot without displaying the menu or saving a video clip.
Double Press Set the start point for a video clip. Use this when you want to start recording again from the current point in time. This is convenient when there is a specific scene you want to save.

The PlayStation 4 has the ability to upload and share saved screenshots and video clips of gameplay online. You can also broadcast (stream) your gameplay, and share information about other things of interest, such as content from PlayStation Store.

You can change how the SHARE button operates. Press the SHARE button, press the OPTIONS button while the menu for the Share feature is displayed, and then select [Share Settings] > [SHARE Button Control Type].

Additional Notes

  • Child family members can save and upload screenshots and video clips if parental control settings allow it.
  • Screenshots, video clips, and broadcasts may include personal information of yours or other players, such as names, online IDs, text chat, and voice chat. You should have other players' permission before you share content containing their personal information.
  • The SHARE button cannot be used while using Media Player.