Updated 7 October 2016

PS VR: Tracking issues

How to ensure the PlayStation Camera can see the PS VR Headset and controllers.


The lights on the PlayStation VR (PS VR) headset, DualShock 4 (DS4), PlayStation Move Motion (PS Move) or PlayStation VR Aim (PS VR Aim) controllers need to be picked up by your PlayStation Camera (PS Camera) so your movements can be tracked for the best PlayStation VR experience.

How to spot a tracking issue

You will see the following on screen problems if you have a tracking issue:

  • On screen hands/controller floating around without player input.
  • The on screen environment moves around without player input.
  • ‘Outside of Area’ message on screen.

How to solve a tracking issue

Most tracking issues can be solved by slightly adjusting settings or the environment in which you are playing. Follow this guidance to reduce the chance of a tracking issue occurring.

Sometimes lighting can cause a problem. Make sure of the following and reconfigure your PS VR if you make any changes during or after setup:

  • The PS Camera isn’t picking up any other light sources, like TV screens, lamps or natural light through the window.
  • No light is shining directly onto the player or headset.
  • There are no reflective surfaces like windows and mirrors causing light sources behind the player.
  • Check there are no other reflections by going to [Settings] > [Devices] > [PlayStation Camera] > [Adjust PlayStation Camera] and removing either the reflective surfaces or adjusting the camera position to take them out of frame.
  • If you have another room in which you can set up PS VR, set it up there to find out if the light is better suited.

Sometimes tracking issues might be caused by incorrect PS VR set up. Make sure:

  • All cables are correctly plugged in.
  • Lights on the headset and controllers are on. If VR mode is on all lights on the headset will be lit, if in non-VR (Cinematic Mode) only the lights on the back will be on.
  • You are positioned within the play area (you’ll see the ‘Outside of Play Area’ message if you are not). To fix this hold down the PS button on your DS4 and select [Adjust PlayStation VR] > [Confirm your position] and make sure the headset is in the middle of the screen before continuing.

Sometimes there might be a problem with PS Camera. Make sure:

  • All cables are correctly plugged in.
  • The PS Camera has two lenses – make sure neither of them are covered.
  • Clean the PS Camera lenses using a clean, dry cloth. Don’t use water or any other cleaning fluids.
  • Try moving nearer to the camera. The optimum distance is around 2m (6’).
  • You don’t move the PS Camera after you have set it up.
  • The PS Camera is on a stable surface. Movement during gameplay may result in tracking failure.

Occasionally there may be a light calibration issue. Make sure:

  • Controllers are charged.
  • All lights are being picked up by the PS Camera. Short press the PS button to go back to the PS4 home screen and go to [Settings] > [Devices] > [Adjust Tracking Lights] and ensure the lights are placed in the indicated areas on screen. Do this with the PS VR Headset and all controllers being used.
  • The PS Move or PS VR Aim controllers are paired with the same local user account as the PS VR headset and DS4 controllers.
  • Lights are not dusty or dirty (so the camera can pick them up). Clean them using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Don’t use water or any other cleaning fluids.
  • No Bluetooth signals are interfering. Switch off Bluetooth signals on other nearby devices like phones and tablets.
  • The PS Camera can see all controllers needed for the game you are playing at all times. Hold down the PS button on your PS Move or DS4 controller and select [PlayStation VR] > [Confirm your Position].  Move the controllers up, down, left and right to ensure the PS Camera can see them however far you stretch your arms and move the camera or carefully step back, if you need to.
  • If none of this fixes the problem, reset the controller with the reset button in the back pin hole and re-pair with the PS4. Re-calibrate with the local user you will be using for PS VR.

These solutions didn’t work

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