Updated 30 September 2019

Improve PlayStation Now streaming connection

Find out how to improve your PlayStation Now connection in order to prevent lag or disconnection from the PS Now streaming service.

How can I prevent lag when streaming PS Now games?

When streaming PS Now games on PS4 or PC please follow the steps below to ensure a stable connection:

  • Connect your device to your router using an ethernet cable, rather than a WiFi connection.
  • Turn off other devices/applications that are streaming or downloading on your network.

Why do I see connection quality warning notifications?

PlayStation Now constantly monitors the quality of your connection. If connection quality begins to drop and drops far enough that your quality of play will be affected, we may end the connection. Sometimes we’ll let you know about this even before you’ve noticed any problem with picture quality or gameplay.

We send these notifications to give you the chance to save your progress before we end the stream and to give you the chance to improve your bandwidth.


Why was I disconnected from PlayStation Now?

There are a few reasons that we may end your PlayStation Now session:

  • Low connection quality
  • Inactivity

If you have been disconnected your saved progress will vary according to the game you were playing. If the game has save points throughout, you will start from the last save point if the game saves automatically on shut down, you will start from where you left off. The saving process of each game you stream on PlayStation Now mirrors the process the game follows when you play a disc or downloaded copy.