Updated 13 July 2017

PlayStation Now help

This article explains how to fix an issue you may be experiencing with PlayStation Now.


Try these general steps to fix most of the issues listed on this page:

  • Hardwire your device using an ethernet cable, rather than using WiFi.
  • Stop other devices/applications that are streaming or downloading using bandwidth and switch off WiFi on mobile devices.
  • Play during off peak times. Peak times are weekends, late afternoons, early evenings, major game launch days and during national holidays.

This will fix most problems, but keep reading if you want an explanation for the problem you are experiencing or visit PlayStation Forums for more details.

What does ‘PlayStation Now Authorization Error’ mean?

If you see this error it means that your Online ID was not one of the accounts selected to take part in the Private Beta trial.

To take part you need a voucher code sent to you directly from PlayStation that you can apply to your account. If you did not receive a voucher code directly from PlayStation you have not been selected to take part in the trial.

If you did receive a voucher code, please visit the forum for help. You will find a link to the Forum in your PlayStation Now welcome email.

Why did I fail the internet connection test when my broadband is fast enough?

When we test your connection we are not only testing your broadband speed. We also test a number of factors that may be outside of your control. These factors can include network congestion on our servers or your ISP’s network, or your physical distance from one of our remote data centres.

Also, bear in mind that some internet service providers advertise speeds as ‘up to’ a certain level. Your connection may not meet this maximum speed.

Why can I stream videos but not games?

When you stream a video, the data is flowing one way. This means that the video service provider can use features like buffering or responsive picture quality to ensure you receive the video in an unbroken stream.

To provide flawless picture quality and responsive commands data must flow two ways. This means that buffering and responsive picture quality cannot be used enable game streaming on low speed connections.

What if I rented a game and then failed the connection test?

Your rental doesn’t start until you start play for the first time, so don’t worry – you’re not wasting rental time while you’re not playing.

What is lag or latency?

Lag or latency is when there is a delay between an action on your PS controller and the action affecting gameplay. A number of factors may cause lag or latency, including, but not limited to the distance to your nearest data centre, network congestion or local network routing. We’re unable to confirm why a user might experience lag or latency because it may be caused by one or all of these factors. This is why we strongly recommend that you test your broadband speed before renting a game.

What do I do if I experience muddy or tearing video, popping, stuttering or skipping?

This may be caused by a drop in your bandwidth after the connection test. A number of factors may cause this, including, but not limited to the distance to your nearest data centre, network congestion or local network routing. We’re unable to confirm why a user might experience poor picture quality because it may be caused by one or all of these factors.

Why do I see connection quality warning notifications?

PlayStation Now constantly monitors the quality of your connection. If connection quality begins to drop and drops far enough that your quality of play will be affected, we may end the connection. Sometimes we’ll let you know about this even before you’ve noticed any problem with picture quality or gameplay.

We send these notifications to give you the chance to save your progress before we end the stream and to give you the chance to improve your bandwidth.

Why was I disconnected from PlayStation Now?

There are a few reasons that we may end your PlayStation Now session:

  • Low connection quality

You would usually have seen messages warning you about reduced bandwidth so you could save your game and improve your connectivity.

  • Inactivity

If you have stopped playing for an extended amount of time, this means that another player who has been waiting in a queue could have used that slot. We will end your session if you have stopped playing so that other players can move forward in the queue.

If you have been disconnected your saved progress will vary according to the game you were playing. If the game has save points throughout, you will start from the last save point if the game saves automatically on shut down, you will start from where you left off. The saving process of each game you play on PlayStation Now mirrors the process the game follows when you play a disc or downloaded copy.

How do I report an issue that I have experienced?

If the above solutions do not resolve the issue, go to our dedicated PlayStation Now Forum or contact Customer Support for assistance.