Updated 20 February 2017

About Trophies

This article explains the different types of trophies, their rarity and how your trophy level is determined.


What are trophies?

You earn trophies as rewards for certain achievements when playing PlayStation games online or offline. Each game awards trophies for different achievements.

Your trophies are displayed on PlayStation Network according to how you have set up Trophies in your PlayStation Network Privacy Settings so other players can see them and you can compare your achievements with other users (subject to their privacy settings).

You can also share your trophies on social media from your PlayStation 4 by selecting a trophy and pressing SHARE.

Your PlayStation 4 also automatically saves the screenshot from the moment that your trophy was earned. This option cannot be switched off but screenshots can be deleted through capture gallery.

What are the different kinds of trophy?

You can win Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum trophies. The type of trophy you win for an achievement will depend on how difficult it is to reach the required level of gameplay. The most difficult trophy to win is Platinum, which you automatically earn when you have collected all Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies in a game.

What is trophy rarity?

Trophies are also divided into categories, according to how many people have won them. These categories are common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and ultra rare and a trophy becomes more common as more people win it. Trophies that have not been won by many players are ultra rare, while trophies won by a lot of players are common.

What are trophy levels?

You receive points for each trophy you win and your total points give you an overall trophy level.

The points you receive for each type of trophy are:









The amount of trophy points you need to reach the next level are:


Points Required

2 200
3 600
4 1,200
5 2,400
6 4,000
7 6,000
8 8,000
9 10,000
10 12,000
11 14,000
12 16,000
13 24,000
14+ 8,000 for each level up

Automatic trophy sync

The availability of automatic sync depends on the PlayStation system you used to earn your trophy and whether or not you subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Find out how to set up automatic sync here.

If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus

Automatic trophy sync is available for trophies earned on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS TV and PS Vita systems provided you are signed in to PlayStation Network.

If you do not subscribe to PlayStation Plus

Automatic trophy sync is available for trophies earned on PlayStation 4 systems provided you are signed in to PlayStation Network. You may need to manually sync trophies earned on PlayStation 3, PS TV and PS Vita systems whether you are signed into PlayStation Network or not when you earn a trophy. See the instructions for manual trophy sync below.

Manual trophy sync

Follow the steps below to manually sync your trophies on PlayStation Network:

PlayStation 4

Go to Image[Trophies] and press [Options] > [Sync Trophies With PSN℠].

PlayStation 3

Select [PlayStation Network] > Image [Trophy Collection] > Image (Triangle button) > [Sync Trophies With PSN℠].


Tap Image [Trophies] > Image [Options] > [Sync with Server].

If, after manual sync your trophies are still not synced across your PlayStation systems, check whether network maintenance is affecting trophy sync.

Comparing trophies

You can compare your trophies with those your friends have won by checking their profile on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS TV and PS Vita systems. However, if your friend has set their Trophies to [Private] in PlayStation Network Privacy Settings you will not be able to compare.

PlayStation 4

  1. Sign in to PlayStation Network and go to Image [Trophy Collection].
  2. Go to Image [Compare Trophies] and choose the person you want to compare trophies with.
  3. Press OPTIONS and select change player to view a different player's trophies.

PlayStation 3

  1. Sign-in to PlayStation Network.
  2. Go to [Friends] and select the avatar of the person you want to compare your trophies with.
  3. Select [Compare Trophies] to display the trophies you and your friend have won in each game.


  1. Tap Image [Trophies] > Image [Compare Trophies].
  2. Select the friend that you want to compare trophies with.

Can I delete 0% Trophies?

Yes, you can delete 0% trophies using either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation App:

On PlayStation 4 go to [Trophies] and highlight the trophy you want to delete. Press [Options] > [Delete].

On PlayStation App go to [Profile] > [Trophies]. Tap the trophy you want to delete and select [Delete].