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Bluetooth headset not allowed to connect?

Created 15/06/2019
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Recently i bought a Steelseries Arctis 3 Bluetooth edition, hoping that since my last cord was chewed through by one of my rabbits, bluetooth would stop this from happening. But, as I connect the headset to my PS4, it will not allow me to connect. I did some research and found out that Sony do not let any kind of Bluetooth headset comnect to their devices exept for their own “licensed” brand. I feel slightly ripped off, is there anything i can do about it exept for the obvious of buying a dongle/adapter?



  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB Best answer 15 June, 2019 @ 03:10

    There are NO licensed bluetooth headsets of any Kind.. NONE.. for PS4 Zero. zip... nothing made by Sony mobile will ever work via Bluetooth.. SIEE do not make wireless headsets that use bluetooth because its to crap and can't handle the High bitrate audio or the 5.1 virtual audio feed they wanted...


    SIEE stated in October 2013... that none of the old bluetooth propierity profiles will be supported for game audio ...

    There was Never any Game audio wireless headsets that used bluetooth on PS3...

    A2DP, APTX, APTX LL were never supported and never added in upgrade on PS3 and never suppported on PS4 as stated in the PS4 FAQ in october 2013...

    USB RF wireless headsets do not use bluetooth...

    Steel series sell RF wireless PS4 headsets...


    Lack of research on your part is not a SIEE issue, it even says on steel series web site that model 3 that they only connect via WIRE to PS4 and Xbox one ...


    • Wired via 3.5 mm analog


    • Wired via 3.5 mm analog
    • Windows Sonic Surround

    Were as the arctis 7, Arctis wireless pro, Siberia H, Siberia 800, Siberia 840.

    All are console first third party wireless headsets...


    You failed to do research and you got burned...