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25 years of PlayStation

Created 03/12/2019
8 Replies
It's our birthday! 25 years ago today the PlayStation first launched.

Can you remember the very first PlayStation game you played? ­čĄö
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Thread Replies

  • davum


    davum 03 December, 2019 @ 19:12
    Crash Bandicoot. On a glorious demo disk.
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  • PotentialMonkey 04 December, 2019 @ 06:33

    Destruction Derby 2. Came with the console when I got it (os should I say, when my parents bought it for me). So excited! And my brothers then missus had one already and was going to give me a loan of Tomb raider 2. She actually left it at the house the day I was going in to get the console (Xmas eve eve '96). I was 13, and used to always go to town with the mother to help out her business (dressmaker, so collecting material, making buttons, etc). But it's not the purchase and first play I remember, it's the story of how I got to play it. 

    Anyway, it was a Monday, and as I was off from school, I went in to help with the hope of renting a SNES game. I spent the day doing chores, with the quick visit or two to GAME and Smyths Toys to play whatever game was in the demo. So it came to 4pm, and no sign of offering to give me money to rent a game. We were sitting in the hairdressers where my sister worked, and I must have had a puss on me, because next thing the mother says soemthing to the sister and she disappears. She popped her head out from behind the staff curtain and motioned for me to join her. Walked into the room, and BOOM! Brand new PS1 and DD2 sitting there! I nearly lost my shit! Ran out to the mother, big hug, talking point for all the women in there at the time. 

    I spent the next hour reading all the booklets and we started to head home then. I couldn't contain my excitement as she said I could play it that day (everyone else in the family usually went to the pub for a lock in after mass). On the way home (30 min drive through the country), and every townland we went thorugh, the electricity was gone. I nearly started crying until the mother pointed out a house with lights! Yurt I thought, it's only in some areas, and sure enough when I got home we had electricity. 

    I belted into the house, carefully unpackaged the console, hooked up all the wires, placed the game into the drive, closed it, tv on waiting for the signal. Pressed the power button, got the first couple of seconds of that glorious startup sound, and the electricity goes. I cried. I genuinely cried. the mother tried to console me by saying it will be back soon. 

    It did come back. A week later!!! But oh my, finally getting to play it was amazing, and I have so many fond memories of DD2, and I'll never forget the Venice level on TR2. Actually, it's the only console I can remember getting. And it started my love of PlayStation, a company intent on making games for gamers! There's a reason it's an iconic console, and still the fifth best selling console ever (with the PS2 in first and the PS4 in 4th, and PS3 in 7th, all above every MS console). 

    If I won the lotto, I'd built a house in the shape of a PS1! 

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  • gavsta72


    gavsta72 04 December, 2019 @ 07:23
    I'm glad there's no 25th Ann. LE console, and the debacle that goes with it. Along with all the consoles popping up on ebay for thousands of $$$$
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  • TheStill


    TheStill 04 December, 2019 @ 07:55
    I'm really surprised playstation did nothing to celebrate it. Not even a celebratory theme. ­čśş
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  • gavsta72


    gavsta72 05 December, 2019 @ 09:37
    ^^^^ Yeah that's odd come to think of it. We did get a crap Christmas avatar though. Yippeee :(
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  • dannyjt


    dannyjt 06 December, 2019 @ 17:56
    Yeah, I remember the times when Playstation had a great community forum.
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  • mont348


    mont348 08 December, 2019 @ 07:23
    Friday's episode of Gogglebox mentioned PlayStation was 25 this week at the start of the show so that's at least something. ­čśé
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  • ocelot07


    ocelot07 08 December, 2019 @ 18:32
    Destruction Derby or Wipeout was my first and second game I played on the  PS1 as they where the 2 games  I got for Christmas 1995 along with a PS1.
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