Updated 6 October 2017

Processor unit light indicators

What the different lights on the processor unit mean.


There is an indicator light on the front of the PlayStation VR (PS VR) processor unit (PU).

The meaning of this light is different according to the situation, so don’t worry if you see a red light – this doesn’t usually mean that there’s a problem. Select the appearance of your PU’s indicator light from this list to find out what it means.

Red – two flashes then solid

This happens after you plug the PU into the mains (placing it in rest mode) but your PS4 is powered down. The flashes indicate that the PU is entering rest mode and the solid red light shows it is not currently sending any information to your TV via HDMI. Power up the PU with the power button on the VR headset inline remote.

Red – solid

The PU is in rest mode and not passing any information to your TV through the HDMI. Switch it on via the power button on the VR headset inline remote or by powering up the PS4 system.

Red – five fast flashes

This can mean that the PU is experiencing a power surge. Power down the PU and headset by pressing the inline power button for seven seconds. Check the troubleshooting here to find out if you need to send it to us for repair.

White – flashing

The power button on the VR headset inline remote has been pressed and the VR headset is powering up.

White – solid

A solid white light means you are ready to begin play. You see a solid white light if the PU and PS4 are connected, they are both powered up, and  sending a signal to your TV. You will see a notification with the VR icon on your PS4 system to confirm PS VR has been detected.

If your PS4 is set up to allow internet connection to download/upload files while in rest mode, the PU will exit rest mode (solid red light) and power up (solid white light) while PS4 internet connection is active. The PU will re-enter rest mode when the PS4 internet connection becomes inactive after download/upload is complete.

Red – flashing

This indicates that the PU is overheating. You’ll also see an onscreen message and the fan might be louder than usual. Power down the PU and your PS4 for 30 minutes to let them cool down and you can get back to playing.

To help avoid this happening again, make sure the PU is not on top of your PS4. It also should be placed in a well ventilated area with the fan clear. Find out more about PS VR care and maintenance.

If the PU unit overheats often, we might need to fix it. Find out if you need to return it to us here.

No light at all

  1. Make sure the power cable is fully inserted into the correct port on the PU.
  2. Check all connections to make sure none have become loose. Follow the PS VR set up instructions for help to make sure you check every connection.
  3. Try another mains electrical outlet and, if you are using an outlet extension cable, plug the PU directly into the wall instead.
  4. Check PS VR Repairs to try to fix the problem or arrange to send your PS VR to PlayStation for repair.