Updated 17 May 2017

WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code

Connection Error


If PSN is online and you receive this error, then the IP address that has been assigned to you by your ISP or network provider has been blocked for activity that violates the PlayStation™Network Terms of Service.

The activity may be due to malicious traffic that was identified to originate from the IP address that is currently assigned to you by your ISP or network provider.

Typical causes may include:

  • Shared IP address between multiple users. (i.e. apartment complex, college campus, hotspot).
    • If you're accessing PSN from behind a shared IP (i.e. college campus or Wi-Fi -hotspot), consider contacting the local network support for more details on how they can assist to remediate the situation.
  • Malicious software unknowingly installed on a device connected to your network. (i.e. modem, router, PC/MAC, security cameras, home automation equipment).
    • Where possible, we suggest that you perform a virus scan to identify and remove malicious software that may be on your device, which  may return your access.
  • Assigned IP address previously used by a spammer or used with a virus.
    • Consequently performing a virus scan on all your network connected devices could potentially be effective to improve the situation.
    • It's not uncommon for malicious software to be installed on a modem, a router, an internet enabled security camera or other internet enabled hardware connected to a home network. If you're still experiencing issues accessing PSN, we also suggest performing a factory reset on these devices in an attempt to remove any malicious software unknowingly installed on these devices.

It's recommended that you contact your ISP or the hardware manufacturer for details and potential impact on performing factory resets. SIE is not responsible for any harm or damage such resets may cause to your device.  

If you're confident there has not been any malicious network activity originating from your network that would cause you to become banned from our network, then your ISP or network provider should be able to assist you in obtaining a new IP address.

Once the matter is resolved, and after a period of time, the IP assigned to you will be automatically unblocked.

This support article has more information on bans and suspensions.