Updated 11 June 2019

SU-41350-3 PS4 Error Code

PS4 cannot find system software update file on USB storage device.

The correct update file can be found on the PS4 System Software page. Before attempting to update, please consider the following:

  1. Please check that the USB storage device (USB stick, external hard drive) you are using to update the PS4 is formatted to FAT32 or exFAT.
  2. Ensure the file path is exactly [USB storage] > [PS4] > [UPDATE] — the folder names must be in capitals.
  3. The file name should be PS4UPDATE.PUP.
  4. If you are performing a fresh install of the system software, please make sure you have downloaded the file from the [Perform a new installation of the system software] section at the bottom of the system software page.