Updated 29 May 2018

80029513 PS3 Error Code

There was a problem determining whether the PS3 system is authorised to play the PlayStation Network content.



  • Sign in to the Sony Entertainment Network account that purchased this content.
  • Activate your PS3 system by going to PlayStation®Network > [Account Management] > [System Activation].
  • If a message is displayed informing you that your system is already activated, deactivate the system and then reactivate it.
  • Go to PlayStation®Network > [Account Management] > [Transaction Management] > [Download List] and download the content to your PS3 system.
  • If you cannot find the content on the [Download List], you are not authorised to download this content.
  • For more tips and hints on using your PlayStation system, visit our technical support forums at community.eu.playstation.com