Updated 10 September 2015

800290B7 PS3 Error Code

There was a problem connecting to the network with the AOSS setting.



  • Turn off the PS3 system and disconnect it from the mains power supply.
  • Turn off your router and modem. If your modem has a built-in battery, you may need to remove it to turn the modem off completely.
  • After two minutes, reconnect the mains power supply and turn the PS3 system on.
  • Turn on your router and modem and attempt to connect the PS3 system to the network.
  • If the problem persists, please contact your router manufacturer for additional support.
  • You can also click on your connection type below to view additional troubleshooting tips:
  • For more tips and hints on using your PlayStation system, visit our technical support forums at community.eu.playstation.com