Updated 13 December 2016

PS Vita/PS TV: PlayStation Plus Online Storage

How to use cloud storage for game saves.


How to upload/download save data

  1. From the Home Menu go to [Content Manager] > [Online Storage]
  2. Tap either:
  • [ Online Storage → PS Vita/PS TV System] to download your game saves, or
  • [Vita or PS Vita/ PS TV System → Online Storage] to upload your game saves.
  1. Place ticks next to the saves you want to upload or download and select [Copy] > [OK] to overwrite your old saved data.

Publishers may occasionally copy protect files for game saves which will stop the game save data being downloaded more than once in any 24 hour period. This means that you will only be able to access new game saves of this type once a day.

Why online storage is useful

With online storage, you can save your progress on one system and then continue on another later on. You can save up to 10GB of game save data.

  • PS Vita/PS TV upgrade/replacement

If you get a new PS Vita/PS TV, just sign in to PlayStation Network and download your game save data.

  • Crossplay games

These games can be downloaded and played on more than one type of PlayStation system. For example, if a game is compatible with both PS4 and PS Vita, you can start play at home on your PS4 and continue later on your PS Vita.