Check or delete notifications on PS5 consoles

How to check or delete notifications on PS5 consoles

Find out how to check notifications and how to mute or delete notifications on your PlayStation®5 console.

Notifications help you stay informed—know when you receive an invitation or a friend request, a game you purchased is ready to play, an add-on goes on sale, and more.

How to check a notification on PS5 consoles

When a pop-up with a PS button icon appears on screen, you can press the PS button to expand the notification so you can check it. Notifications often provide extra information and actions you can take on the spot.

  1. Press the PS button on your controller to go to the control center and select Notifications.
    A list of your notifications appears, with your most recent notifications at the top.
  2. Select a notification to open it.

How to enable Do Not Disturb for PS5 console notifications 

To mute all notifications temporarily, go to the control center and select Notifications, and then turn on Do Not Disturb

Pop-ups for notifications don't appear on-screen until you log out of or restart your PS5 console, or until you turn off Do Not Disturb.

How to delete notifications on PS5 consoles 

  1. Press the PS button on your controller to go to the control center and then select Notifications
    A list of your notifications appears.
  2. Highlight a notification you want to delete, and then press the square button to delete it.
  • To delete all notifications, press the options button after step 1, and then select Delete All Notifications.

How to change notification settings on PS5 consoles 

To configure notification settings, go to the home screen and select Settings > Notifications

Allow Pop-Up Notifications
Turn on to see pop-ups for notifications on screen. 

Show Preview
Turn on to see a preview of notifications you receive. 

Play Sound
Turn on to hear a sound when you receive a notification. 

Haptic Feedback
Turn on to feel your controller vibrate when you receive a pop-up notification. This is available only when a Vibration Intensity level is selected. 

Display Time
Change how long you see a pop-up before it disappears.

Select which pop-ups you want to see, and when you want to see them. For each notification type below, choose to have pop-ups turn off automatically while you're playing games, watching videos, during broadcasts, or any combination of the three:

When Friends Go Online
Want to be notified when certain friends go online so you can start playing together sooner? Select them here. 

Game Invitations
See when you're invited to join other players' games. 

See when you earn trophies. 

See when you receive tournament updates.

See when you receive game challenges. 

Friend Requests
See when you receive friend requests. 

See when you receive messages. 

Message Reactions
See when someone reacts to your message.

See when someone starts a party you can join. 

Song Change
See information when songs start playing. 

Downloads and Copies
See the status of your downloads and copies. 

See the status of your uploads. 

Controller Profiles
See when you switch profiles on your controller.
Only users that have a DualSense Edge wireless controller (CFI-ZCP series, sold separately) or Access controller (CFI-ZAC series, sold separately) currently assigned to them can see this setting.

Wishlist Updates
See when there are updates to items on your wishlist. 

From PlayStation
See when you receive news and updates from PlayStation.

See when there are feedback opportunities to help us improve the features you use.

See updates from subscription services like PlayStation Plus.

Game Help
See when Game Help is available for a game you're playing. Game Help is available only with a subscription to PlayStation Plus. If you're not a subscriber, you won't see these pop-ups, even if they're enabled.

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