Horizon Forbidden West™: Burning Shores

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Rise above our ruin

Travel beyond the Forbidden West as Aloy’s story continues. Encounter new machines and a compelling new story.

South of the Tenakth Clan Lands, millennia of volcanic eruptions and violent seismic activity have carved the ruins of Los Angeles into a treacherous archipelago. 

Experience the next chapter of Horizon Forbidden West as Aloy pursues a sinister new threat to the planet, hidden among these dangerous, untamed wilds. 

The Burning Shores DLC contains additional content for Horizon Forbidden West, including new characters and experiences in a stunning yet hazardous new area. 

To enter the Burning Shores, you must complete the main quest (up to and including Singularity) in the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West. Following the main quest, the player will receive a call over Aloy’s Focus, beginning the DLC.


Guides & Editorials

7 things worth doing in Horizon Forbidden West before you start the Burning Shores DLC

Before you dive into the Burning Shores expansion, there’s a few things in the Forbidden West that might still need Aloy’s attention. Here’s seven things to check out before you continue your journey.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores cosplay guides

Quen Commander

The Quen Commander outfit is a heavy armor designed for close quarters and taking heavy blows.


Seyka is a tenacious and highly skilled marine of the Quen tribe chosen for their expedition across the Great Ocean.

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