Updated 09 March 2018

PS4 Pro: Supersampling Mode

Find out the benefits of PS4 Pro Supersampling Mode and how to switch on the feature.

With system software update 5.50 comes Supersampling Mode, a PS4 Pro-exclusive feature. This setting allows PS4 Pro owners to experience the benefits of their high-end systems on screens with lower-than-4K resolutions.

Supersampling works by rendering video at a high resolution (as if connected to a 4K TV) and then downscaling the output to the native resolution of the connected screen. The result is a sharper, smoother picture and larger in-game draw distances.

How do I switch on Supersampling Mode?

  • On your PS4 Pro system, go to [Settings] > [Sound and Screen] > [Video Output Settings] > [Supersampling Mode] > [Enable Supersampling Mode].