Updated 30 May 2017

PS VR: Quick Start Guide

How get started with PlayStation VR.


What you need to get started

If you have purchased a new PS4 system alongside PlayStation VR (PS VR), set up your PS4 first by following the on screen instructions and then power it down before setting up PS VR. Check the PlayStation 4 User Guide if you want more help with this.

Check that you have the complete contents of PlayStation VR (PS VR):

  • How to connect everything

    Before you get started make sure that your PS4 and TV are switched off.

    1. Connect the processer unit to your TV with the HDMI supplied with your PS4 system. If your PS4 is connected to your TV unplug the HDMI from your PS4 and plug it into the processor unit.
    1. Connect the PS Camera to your PS4. The best height to place it is 1.4m (4’7”) from the floor. You can find out more about setting up PlayStation Camera here.
    1. Plug  the HDMI (1) into the back of the PS4 and the processer unit. If you are using another HDMI, check its packaging to make sure it’s at least HDMI 1.4.
    1. Plug the USB cable (2) into the back of the processer unit and the front of your PS4.
    1. Connect the AC power cord into the adaptor cable (3) and plug into the electricity supply.
    1. Slide the processer unit  connection cover back and plug in the VR connection cable (4).
    1. Connect the VR headset (5) to the VR connection cable (4).
    1. Switch on your TV and power up your PS4 via the DualShock 4 controller.
    2. Press the power button on the inline remote on the headset connection cable (5).
    3. You may be prompted to update PlayStation VR Device Software at this stage.
    4. You’re now ready to begin configuration. Follow the on-screen instructions for the best results, but the steps are shown here too:
  • Configuring your headset and camera

    We know you’re excited to get playing, but it’s really important to take your time with configuration to get the best possible gaming experience.

    Camera configuration

    1. Place the PS Camera about 1.4m (4’7”) high and about 2m (6’) away from where you will be sitting or standing.
    2. Your TV will show an image of what the PS Camera can see. Angle it to make sure it’s not picking up the surface it’s on.
    3. Position yourself where you will be playing VR, in the centre of the screen while you’re holding your DualShock 4 controller (DS4), PlayStation Aim, or PS Move controllers. This is important to make sure the PS Camera can place controllers in the right spot in the VR environment.
    4. If you and the controllers were not in the centre of the screen when you hit ‘Continue’ or if more than one person was in the Play Area, you may need to repeat step 3.
    5. If you’re still having problems adjusting the camera this could be because the room lighting is too bright. Find out how to set up your room for the best experience and try again.

    To reconfigure the PS Camera go to [Settings] > [Devices] > [PlayStation VR] > [Adjust PS Camera] on your PS4.

    Headset configuration



    Almost there! Next, make sure that the headset is as comfortable as possible. Follow the instructions here or go to [Settings] > [Devices] > [PlayStation VR].

    1. Switch the headset on (I).
    2. If you are using earbuds put them on (making sure that left and right go in the correct ears!) and plug them into the stereo headphone jack (H). Be careful with the game volume to make sure it’s not too loud (K & L). Please note that Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are not compatible with PS VR - you must use wired earbuds or headphones.
    3. Remove the plastic lens protectors before putting the headset on for the first time.
    4. Hold the headset by the headband (A), not the scope (the bit with the blue lights), press the headband release button (E) and pull the front section forward.
    5. Place the headset on your head and release the headband release button.
    6. Tighten the headband using the adjustment dial (D) just enough to stop movement, but not so far that it feels too tight.
    7. Adjust the scope position by carefully holding it around the edges and wiggling it until it’s comfortable and the image is as clear as possible.
    8. If you are using over-ear headphones with a headband, put them on (making sure that left and right go on the correct ears!) and plug them into the stereo headphone jack (H). Be careful with the volume to make sure it’s not too loud (K & L). Please note that Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are not compatible with PS VR - you must use wired earbuds or headphones.
    9. To remove the headset, press the headband release button (E) and re-extend the head band (A).
    10. Lift the headset by the head band.

    You can also find these instructions on your PS4 by going to [Settings] > [Devices] > [PlayStation VR] > [Check How to Put On VR Headset].

    Wearing glasses with PS VR

    You can wear the VR headset over your glasses but take care when adjusting the scope.  Having your glasses touch the lens could result in damage to your glasses, VR headset lens or both. Do not push in or pull out the scope excessively.

    If you notice that PS VR environments are unclear or fuzzy while you’re wearing your glasses, try taking them off and readjust the scope position before you start play. Try playing with and without your glasses to find out what works best for you.

Next, find out how to make sure you get the best possible experience when playing PS VR.

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