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External Hard drive no longer working

Created 20/07/2019
2 Replies

Hi all, 

I have a seagate 4tb expansion drive that has been working fine for over a year. Lots of games and saves on it.

One day I logged in and discovered it was no longer working, originally it came up as saying it was not formatted correctly and now it doesn't recognise that it's connected at all. I've plugged it into my laptop and whilst I can't open it to look at the files (Due to the formatting I imagine), it shows up in connected devices. My housemates boyfriend moved my TV and PlayStation to use and apparently decided to disconnect my expansion, leaving it in my room, so don't know if that caused the issue.

How can I fix this issue? Particularly in a way that will prevent all my saves etc from being lost!

Thank you


Edit: I have plugged in the drive into my laptop to see if I could access it in disk management and it isn't coming up there. I can still access it on my PC and even troubleshoot it, but nothing else. Is there anything else I can do? I can't afford a new one. 


  • mont348


    mont348 20 July, 2019 @ 10:55

    Save data isn't stored on the external HDD it's stored on the internal HDD separate from game data in the Application Saved Data Management folder in system settings, from that folder is where you can manage your save data such as backup to USB or online storage and delete. 

    If you do have to re-format the external HDD which is likely if wasn't removed correctly no save data will be lost it will just be game installation data which can be downloaded again or installed again from disc. 

  • EvaStarshine22


    EvaStarshine22 20 July, 2019 @ 12:08
    Ah okay. I don't mind so much having to reinstall the games. How do I reformat the hard drive?