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Not receiving PlayStation Promotional or PlayStation news Emails

Created 13/08/2019
2 Replies


I use to receive PlayStation Promotional or PlayStation news Emails before but for some reason I don't receive them anymore?

Please advise, I do have the settings in my account set to receive newsletters.  Also  I tried to reapply for it but it did not resolve the issue.




  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 13 August, 2019 @ 12:29

    Specific Email providers never worked...

    Hotmail, LIVE, and so on. The Issue was there side and they always blocked the SIE bulk email system...

    These email provider blocked the PSN email there end  once the bulk email numbers got to high in the PS3 user count these email providers stopped working...


    With PS4 generation the SIE server has become selective in "WHO" gets emails BY account... not Email Provider... now its an Account status which blocks the user

    "no body is going to admit why any specific acccount is effected but they are effected by the server and don't get emails"... It no longer matters which Email provider. Yahoo or Gmail you use... 

    The System will just not Email your account no matter what email Provider you use...

    The email server will not reach specific PSN accounts...


    You could try creating a secondary account "JUST" to recieve Promo Emails and never for games...

    but for me those accounts very rarely ever get Promo emails at all... only this "GraphiteGB" account does...

    So having more than one account can result in secondary accounts not getting the emails...

  • Ms2BSwagg


    Ms2BSwagg 14 August, 2019 @ 08:37
    I had no issue before, I was receiving emails from Playstation till this year May/June actually received mail frequently. I only have the one account.