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The fight is on Helldivers, and your expendable expertise is required to keep Super Earth safe from the invading alien scourge. Get the latest intel on new weapons and items, Warbonds and game patch notes.

Steeled Veterans Warbonds

Demonstrate your iron-clad dedication to the cause with this Premium Warbond*. Featuring the Servo Assisted, Streel Trooper and Dynamo classes of player armor, you’ll show the enemy who’s running the galactic show throughout this season and beyond.

This unique Warbond* includes the following:

  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive, JAR-5 Dominator, and SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary rifles.
  • Three pieces of player armour, plus three capes.
  • G-10 Incendiary grenades and the P-4 Senator handgun.
  • The Roll ’em, Super Person and You’re Next emotes – as well as three in-game player banners!

*Requires base game, paid purchase of Super Credits, and game progression to unlock.

Warbonds are in-game catalogues for purchase that unlock featured items to prepare you for whatever hits the frontlines. Each one includes in-game weapons, armors, capes, emotes, stratagems, utilities and more.  

Each Warbond is not time-limited! Once you buy it, you’re free to go ahead and reap its rewards whenever you like.

Buy Super Credits on PlayStation Store

Purchase Warbonds in the in-game store with Super Credits

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