• PS3

Embark on a magical adventure.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: Nobilis
  • Developer: Frozenbyte
    • Cross levels full of enemies, deadly traps and puzzles
    • Choose between three ways of facing danger, from the most reflexive to the most brutal
    • Use the special abilities of each hero to save the world

    Tales from the Trine storybook

    Trine follows a fantasy adventure of three souls intertwined by destiny and a magical artefact called the Trine. After being drawn to the mysterious object, Pontius the knight, Amadeus the wizard and Zoya the thief accidently find themselves sharing the same space, unable to separate themselves from each other.

    With the ability to control any one of the trio at a single time, swapping them in and out of the environment, you take the unlikely team on a quest to regain their individuality, and this is no meagre task. Their kingdom has become corrupted by evil and is overrun by a legion of undead, with reanimated skeletons roaming the landscape. Co-operation between the selfish thief, womanising wizard and bumbling knight is the only thing which will get them through this predicament alive...


    Casting a spell over your eyes and ears

    The stylised fantasy setting of Trine immerses you within its beautifully drawn, storybook style world. Backgrounds are rich and colourful, while the main characters are animated with grace and flair, whether it's staggered attacks of a skeleton warrior or the agile movement of Zoya and her billowing cloak.

    A measured voiceover overlays the story's cutscenes with narration, while each character is also given a lively and entertaining voice, matching the appropriate string instrument driven soundtrack. There are even a number of sound cues to help your progress, as foes menacingly growl when they come into earshot to give you enough time to change your character if you need to.


    Prepare for battle

    Blending platform action and puzzling, Trine offers inventive gameplay based on mixing the traits of the three main characters. Each of the protagonists possesses their own special abilities which can be used to traverse platforms, defeat enemies and overcome puzzles. Amadeus can levitate objects and create boxes and planks, Zoya has a bow and a grappling hook, and Pontius can hack his way through enemies with his sword and protect himself with a shield.

    Each of these gifts can be utilised in a range of tasks, usually making the wizard ideal for puzzles, the thief perfect for platforming, and the knight the man for battles - although mixing and matching at the right moment is essential to success. There are also a number of items to collect offering enhancements such as increasing energy or resistance to attacks, and the characters can substantially upgrade their abilities by collecting Experience vials.

    Soon you'll be wielding flaming arrows, creating multiple crates and wooden structures, and dealing damage to the undead with a sledgehammer. And with the variety of enemies looking to cause you harm, such as bats and giant screen-filling skeletons, you'll need as much help as you can get.

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    Triple threat

    If you don't fancy Trine's quest all on your own, there's the opportunity to have two offline friends join the fun by connecting the relevant number of wireless controllers - each player must press the START button to jump in.

    This separates the characters so at least two of them are on-screen at the same time, meaning co-operation is the only way to get through the levels. As with the single player game, if one member of the trio dies, they can only be fully revived by reaching a checkpoint, so keeping track of everyone on-screen is crucial, as is using each of their abilities to the fullest.

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