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Do you have the skill to be a Top Darts player?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe
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  • Use the accuracy of PlayStation Move to score big in nine classic Dart Games, including 501 and Around the Clock. 
  • Go all out to win the Gold Medal across a wide range of diverse Challenges based on time limits, target scores and accuracy.
  • Throw yourself into a league or cup competition to become the ultimate Top Darts champion.
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Darts at the ready

Test your skill under pressure in Top Darts, the game that makes you feel as though you’re standing at the oche for real thanks to the subtle control offered by PlayStation Move.

Impressive attention to detail is complemented by a light-hearted take on the world of darts, making Top Darts a game that serious enthusiasts and sometime players can enjoy to the same degree.

Whether you want the sticky floored authenticity of an Irish pub to throw your arrows in, or the altogether more exotic setting of a beachside bar, there’s a lovingly crafted venue to suit your every mood. Add your own personal touch, too, by importing images stored on your PlayStation 3 system's Hard Disc Drive to decorate your dartboard and even customise your darts with special shafts, grips and colourful flights.

Throw in legendary darts commentator Sid Waddell, revered as one of the finest sports commentators in the UK and noted for excited quips like “That was like throwing three pickled onions into a thimble!” and “If you had to throw a knife at your wife at the circus, you’d want to throw it like that!”, and the stage is set for one of the most fun filled sports games around. In Sid’s own words: “There’s only one word for that – magic darts!”

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Fingers steady

Grab a PlayStation Move motion controller and size up that treble 20 safe in the knowledge that the way you throw is directly translated into how your dart behaves in Top Darts.

After a short tutorial which helpfully explains the rules and how to play Top Darts, it’s time to get stuck in by using the motion controller almost exactly as you would a real dart. It’s a clever system that simplifies things so you can concentrate wholly on landing your arrows in the right spot.

Simply take the motion controller in your hand so that the colour-changing sphere at the tip is pointing at the dartboard, and you’ll see cross hairs on-screen that show where you’re aiming. Holding the Move button locks your aim to that spot, and swinging the controller back then forward generates the power for the shot. When you’re ready to launch, release the Move button at the end of the throw to send your dart sailing towards the cork.

If you’re a regular darts player, PlayStation Move will sense it and allow your true aim and fluid action to be turned into points on the board. Similarly, a less refined throw will also come through into the game – the lock-on feature doesn’t guarantee a knockout shot, it acts as your marker. A smooth action and finely judged power are the keys to the bullseye, so a wonky throw will often end up way outside the scoring zone.

As with the best sports games, the more you play Top Darts, the more rewarding it becomes. Are you a chucker or a champ? Download Top Darts from PlayStation Store now to find out. 

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Top flight entertainment

In Top Darts, the spirit of shot for shot competition is alive and well thanks to support for up to eight players to get involved on a single PlayStation 3 system.

Face off against another player in classic matches of 501, the most recognisable format of the game, in which you must reduce a score of 501 to zero with as few throws as possible. This form should be the first port of call for darts fans – and with Sid Waddell’s commentary hilariously accompanying your efforts, it’s a serious test of your ability to throw while giggling…

Mix things up with a range of takes on the formula. Cricket, for instance, has players aiming to hit numbers between 10 and 20 with their three throws, and is a great forum for some friendly distraction tactics. Two players can even throw darts simultaneously with a PS Move motion controller each, making for some frantic action, the like of which has never been seen before in a darts game.

Whether it’s the tense stand-off of a cup or league scenario or the madcap free-for-all of the party modes, Top Darts hits the spot by bringing the oche right into your living room, exclusively on PlayStation 3.

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