Terminator Salvation

  • PS3

Lead the human race in the war against the machines.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: GRIN
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    In Terminator: Salvation, players take the role of John Connor, a soldier in the resistance battling for survival against the deadly and superior forces of Skynet, a supercomputer bent on the destruction of mankind.

    Terminator is an intense action-packed third-person shooter featuring concentrated armed combat against all of the Skynet enemies from the film, as well as new killer machines specifically designed for the game. Taking place two years before the events of the movie and set in a post apocalyptic, decimated Los Angeles, players battle through a visceral, story and character driven gaming experience.

    Featuring intense third-person action, Terminator: Salvation takes combat to new levels with iconic enemies, cinematic fight sequences and advanced weaponry, drawn directly from the film, as well as an innovative, cover mechanic.

    • Battle Skynet in two-player offline co-operative mode

    • Use the environment as protection and strategically navigate through enemy territory

    • Wield an array of weapons including shotguns, machine guns, and even a plasma firing Skynet tank

    Terminator Salvation screenshot

    Terminator Salvation

    The end begins here as the war rages on against the machines on PlayStation 3.

    As John Connor battles evil endoskeletons on the big screen in summer 2009 so too can you on PlayStation 3 as Terminator Salvation explodes on to your console in a flurry of bullets, explosions and chaotic battles with swarms of killer robots controlled by evil supercomputer, Skynet.

    The saviour of man

    Taking place before the events of the film, Terminator Salvation puts players in Connor's boots early on in his life as a resistance fighter. Here, he's just a foot solider, another grunt locked in a battle with the machines. Of course, there are those who know about Connor's future as the leader of the resistance, and those who do not believe that he is capable of becoming such a man.

    It's your job to prove those people wrong and crush the machines in a frantic campaign that takes you across the decimated LA landscape following a nuclear attack and deep into the machine's Terminator factories as you search for a band of trapped fighters led by a resistance member called David Weston. This is all made possible thanks to a great cover system implemented by developer Grin.

    Here players can slide behind burnt out cars, pillars and small walls while at the same time moving between cover points during the heat of battle to avoid being pinned down by the swarms of enemies that attack from the ground and the air. Spend too much time behind one surface such as a wall and a Terminator will destroy you cover, which is why it is so important that you keep constantly on the move, trying to flank your enemy as your squad keeps it busy.

    Robot wars

    The different types of enemies you'll face include huge Hunter-Killer ships, smaller and faster aerial enemies such as Aerostats, the T-7-Ts and the original T-600s with rubber skin that make an appearance in the film before being replaced by the T-800, the Terminator model made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original 1984 movie.

    You will also wield a variety of different weapons through the game including machine guns, rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, pipe bombs and grenades, coupled with mounted guns on the backs of vehicles that you man as they're chased through LA by Hunter-Killer ships in the game's on-rails moments. Later in the story as your progress through the battle torn terrain there is also the chance to get behind the wheel of a Harvester, a building sized Skynet robot with hulking guns and missiles attached to each side, adding additional combat variety to an already action packed game.

    Fight with a friend

    Once you make it to the end there's also an incentive to jump right back in with friend and play through once more in the offline co-operative mode. Here players control John Connor and his teammate Blair Williams, another character appearing in the big screen film.

    Playing through in co-op mode allows you to push Terminator Salvation's cover mechanics even further as one player distracts the enemies by laying down cover fire during battles while the other stealthily moves from one cover position to the next until they've reached a good position from which to take enemies down. This is especially effective for those robots that require being shot at on weak spots of their armoured shells.

    For fans of the film, this is the ultimate Terminator experience that can be played either on your own, with a friend, or both. For action fans looking for some fast, furious and frenetic gunplay mixed with giant robot battles and some great chases, Terminator Salvation has it all.

    The battle for the future begins right here on PlayStation 3.

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