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The first goal is to survive. The second is to look good doing it.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: EA SPORTS
  • Developer: EA Canada
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    • Defy the laws of gravity on nine of the planet’s most iconic and challenging mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, the Alps and the Andes.
    • Take on the most treacherous descents on Earth and experience the total freedom to go any way you choose.
    • Compete in global events against rival boarders’ ghost data and earn credits even after you switch your PlayStation 3 system off thanks to the RiderNet engine.
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    Style and snow

    An icy wind slices through your jacket while snow savagely sprays your face. The sound of helicopter rotor blades cutting through the air only adds more anxiety to the perilous scenario... but you feel on top of the world. Welcome to the arctic thrill of SSX on PlayStation 3.

    Capturing the attitude and breathtaking coolness of downhill snowboarding, SSX throws you into a fast paced thrill for the ride of your life. Thanks to some highly detailed visuals, you get all the intensity of being on top of nine of the planet's most dangerous mountain ranges, such as the Himalayas and the Alps.

    As the game blitzes your senses with a rush of snow and the crackling of treacherous ice, you feel every jump, bump and crash with your chosen boarder. The convincing animation doesn't spare you the dangers of the sport, making for an adrenaline pumping experience. Night races are especially intense as flares light your way, while dark yawning caverns swallow you whole, spitting you out into a flurry of blinding whiteness.

    Thankfully a good-natured commentator is on hand to keep you motivated and the atmosphere as breezy as the mountain air. Also keeping your pulse racing is the high-octane soundtrack. A slick selection of music genres, from funk to hip hop accompany you down the slopes, dynamically changing to reflect your on-screen actions. And if you fancy a change, you can import your own custom soundtrack into the game. Loud, brash and memorable, SSX delivers everything an extreme sport should.

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    SSX tricky?

    Have you ever jumped out of a helicopter, sped downhill from one of the tallest mountains in the world and looked exceptionally good while doing so? Well, SSX on PlayStation 3 gives you that chance, without you having to endure years of training - or worry about the dangers of the real thing.

    Your goal in SSX is to conquer the nine Deadly Descents - a series of the most perilous peaks in the world. An arrogant thrill-seeker called Griff needs to be put in his place and Team SSX are the ones to do it, with you at the helm. Taking control of each member of the team, use their unique skills to defeat Griff and survive the Deadly Descents.

    It's not an easy task, so SSX gives you plenty of training to help you get to grips with the snow. Learning how to carve, jump and grind is a pleasure, and the game ensures you're never far from a fresh challenge. Whether you're racing to the finish line against three opponents or trying to out-trick a rival for a high score, there's always something to keep you guessing. You can even take a daring leap into free fall and deploy a wingsuit to perform incredible stunts in mid-air.

    While you're defying gravity in any of SSX's events, you have the chance to string tricks together to increase your Tricky meter, which can give you a speed boost. However, if you build it up to maximum, it unlocks your character's special moves and turns them into a spectacular explosion of stunts and tricks guaranteed to earn you massive points - providing you don't crash. How you choose to use this meter can be the difference between winning your event and floundering in the snow.

    As challenging as SSX is, it pays to keep grinding with it. The rewarding events allow you to keep any XP you gain from failed missions, so you can purchase better equipment such as new boards and survival gear from the in-game shop.

    Make sure you pay attention to the gameplay tips during the loading screens, and also keep an ear open for the commentator, who offers valuable navigation tips during your descent. Don't forget that you have a limited number of rewind attempts as well, meaning you can correct any fatal errors and immediately learn from them. The snow is waiting for you - are you up to the downhill danger?

    SSX Gamescom 2011 screenshot

    Fast friends

    SSX on PlayStation 3 takes a different route when it comes to multiplayer modes. Rather than a face-off where you and your friends go head-to-head on the same slope, SSX is all about attacking your friends' best times and scores. By leaping into Explore Mode or Global Events Mode you compete against PlayStation Network friends and can show your mates who's earned the right to be on top of the world.

    Explore Mode lets you compete with other boarders to rack up amazing trick scores, race to the bottom to take the top spot or dominate the deadliest of drops. Top tracks can be recommended and the best times and performances are saved as ghost riders for friends to battle against.

    Global Events Mode ups the ante by pitting you against the scores and times of as many as 100,000 other players. With a unique set of rules, time limits, win conditions and equipment restrictions, your goal is to get yourself into a high scoring bracket (from the low Bronze to the high-earning Diamond) and climb the global leader boards. You can also create Custom Global Events for you and any connected PSN friends to play.

    With a variety of characters to choose from and personalise you can make sure that speed isn't just your primary goal... you can look good on the piste, too. The world is your playground in SSX - and if you think it was tricky in single player mode, you haven't seen anything yet...

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