Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Gott in Himmel! The massively popular PC title Wolfenstein goose-steps onto the PS2, in an update of iD's classic WWII first-person shoot 'em up

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Raster

    After sprucing up the PC version, developer Raster has turned its attention to bringing the Nazi-spanking run-and-gun-er to the PS2, complete with sinister genetic experiment storyline, and (obligatory) hordes of zombie stormtroopers providing the cannon-fodder. Those who played the seminal original PC title will no doubt be familiar with the 'Hitler-loves-the-occult' based adventure (which is somewhat reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Arc) and need no introduction to proceedings, but for those who missed out the first time round, here's a bit of background...

    Playing as the dubiously monikered Army Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz, your mission is to uncover the dark and dodgy dealings of the Third Reich, scupper the Fuhrer's plans for global domination, and kill loads of Hitler's stooges while you're at it. Set in the midst of World War II, Return to Castle Wolfenstein sees you venturing into Nazi Germany to shake things up, US-style. Teamed up with another operative, Agent One, you'll begin your journey in Egypt, searching for evidence of Himmler's genetic tampering. The mission will see you battling everything from SS Guards to hideous mutant X-creatures - the result of X-lab experiments - and embarking on an epic quest en-route to wartime Nazi Germany.

    So, your task is to make your way through some truly challenging levels using a combination of stealth and full-on combat action - taking out any Nazi coffin-dodgers whilst you're at it. And as you get your teeth into the proceedings, and start giving Hitler's hordes a swift jackboot up the behind, you'll accumulate enough artillery to win the war pretty much single-handedly. You begin with a Colt pistol, and progress to such serious weaponry as a sub-machine gun, a night vision rifle, a Tesla gun and even a flamethrower.

    There are a variety of levels to traverse, and as you wipe out the enemy, you'll gradually uncover the full extent of Himmler's diabolical schemes. And speaking of levels, the game's environments are truly massive. Graphically, they're stunning, and the sight of beautifully rendered castles and incredibly detailed environments will stop you in your tracks.

    Taking the best elements of the FPS genre, and a liberal smattering of stealth-based missions, Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection is a welcome update to the classic Wolfenstein original that introduced gamers to 3D first person shooting all those years back. It's an epic adventure with a storyline that draws you in from the outset, the gameplay and graphics are immaculate, oh, and you get to kill lots of Nazis. What's not to like?


    • Amass a huge arsenal of weaponry, including a sub-machine gun, Tesla and flamethrower

    • Foil the Fuhrer's dastardly scheme for global domination using a combination of run-and-gun action and stealth based tactical play

    • Take out a variety of truly twisted and terrifying bad guys


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