Remember Me™

  • PS3

Remix memories. Change the world.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
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    • Discover Neo-Paris 2084, where augmented reality and memory digitisation have taken control of people’s lives.
    • Play as Nilin, an elite memory hunter with a clouded past, and break into civilians’ minds to gain the information you need to complete your missions.
    • Use the Memory Remix ability to alter personal memories and change characters’ perceptions of those around them – with potentially grave consequences.
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    Pennies for your thoughts

    Remember when you forgot your lines in the school play and everybody laughed? How about that time you made a joke at someone else’s expense and instantly regretted it? In Remember Me, it’s no problem. Memories like these don’t cast their unpleasant shadow any longer and the world lives guilt-free and content. At least, half of it does.

    Neo-Paris, 2084. The Memorize Corporation has created the Sensen, a brain implant that lets citizens upload their memories to the internet. The flip side? Those wealthy enough can simply erase bad memories and wipe their slate clean, while those living in the shadows will do whatever they can to download a little bit of happiness.

    Elite memory hunters known as Errorists operate off-grid in this surveillance state. You play as Nilin, one of the very best at breaching people’s minds and stealing or even altering their memories. You’ll thrive on exploiting security system glitches and uncovering Neo-Paris’s darkest secrets. 

    Arrested and memory-wiped, you must first rediscover your own identity and track down whoever betrayed you. In this sharp, relevant story of civil liberty and corruption, you’ll find that ignorance is far from bliss.


    Remember Me Gamescom 2012 screenshot

    Information overload

    From the moment you emerge from the gloom into a radical re-imagining of Paris, where the skyline once dominated by the Eiffel Tower has been gatecrashed by futuristic skyscrapers, you realise Remember Me is a game whose science fiction vision is rooted in reality.

    As you wander the streets, past pavement cafes and boulangeries, all seems familiar. Then you notice the digital shop signs displaying opening times and daily specials that wouldn’t look out of place in the head-up display of a fighter jet, maintenance bots scuttling between jobs and robot personal shoppers silently hurrying back to their owners.

    Beyond the civilised bubble at the heart of the city is a network of slums where the leapers, Paris’s outcasts, exist. Deformed by their addiction to memory downloads, the menace they pose is signalled by a sudden change in Remember Me’s soundtrack; from quiet electronic rhythms to percussive, dangerous stabs of sound. Your screen crackles with distortion as they approach.

    You’ll want to explore every alley and swish apartment complex – your rewards for veering off the beaten path are hidden memory packs that detail the ascent of the Memorise Corporation. Remember Me will conjure up its own vivid images long after you finish the game.      

    Remember Me Gamescom 2012 screenshot

    Remember you soon

    Fight and climb your way through Neo-Paris towards the truth behind your arrest. As you home in on your ultimate target, you’ll unearth the talents that made you one of the city’s finest memory hunters.

    With your face all over the news, you’ll need to find less obvious routes to each objective, and the bonus that comes from clambering up buildings and across rooftops is a prime view of this exciting society. Down below the security enforcers search for you, and further below them, the leapers.

    Your own Sensen implant lets you configure attack combos called Pressens, so that as you chain strikes together you’ll deal heavier damage, regenerate your health or energise your special moves. You can mix and match these to suit your playing style as well as the enemies you face – boss encounters often require special tactics, for instance.

    Sometimes you can prevent a situation turning ugly by hacking into a potential enemy’s memory and remixing it so that the cause of the conflict is erased. You’ll see a scenario which can be interacted with: fast-forward through these visions to seek out memory glitches then use them to alter the chain of events. On snapping back to reality, the danger is removed and you can carry on with your own memory mission.  

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