Pool Nation

  • PS3

The ultimate, pixel-perfect pool game.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Cherry Pop Games
  • Developer: Cherry Pop Games
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    • Try your hand at a number of single and multiplayer modes covering nine different game types.
    • Relive your finest moments in all their glorious detail using the super slow motion feature.
    • Connect to YouTube and Facebook to share your favourite trick shots, epic wins and scores with your friends and family.
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    Pixel Perfection

    Pool has never looked this good, even in real life.

    Your cue reflects in the back of the white ball as you perform a sublime jump shot, banking on the side of the table before dropping your target into the pocket to perform the perfect pot. Pool Nation makes the classic game of pool eye-wateringly beautiful to behold.

    Not only are the tables, balls and cues perfectly realised, the pool halls in which you play are just as striking. The vivid and brilliant colours combine with the strip lighting and outlandish decor of the room around each table to dazzle and delight in equal measure.

    With a variety of table covers that range from the conservative, right through to the downright outrageous, Pool Nation will be as much a treat for your eyes as it is to play.

    Pool Nation Featured Image

    Eccentric pretenders

    Play through either the 8-ball or 9-ball tournaments to take on a whole cast of eccentric characters, from Peaches, who has taken time out from her own wedding day to compete, to former and too-cool-for-school rapper Ice Bucket, whose real name is Bernard. Complete challenges against each opponent to unlock new decals, cue designs and even the characters themselves.

    Smash through four major tournaments in each of the modes to be crowned the ultimate champion and take down this cast of pretenders. With 12 opponents waiting to play you in each stage of the eight tournaments on offer, there's a lot of Pool Nation to play.

    The pool halls are just as full of character as the bizarre cast of competitors. Play in any one of four stunning locations, each with three different times of day to play.

    Pool Nation screenshot

    Cue the next challenge

    A pool game lives or dies by the way that it feels. In Pool Nation each strike of the cue on the white ball feels tangible, with the power you commit to each shot having a real impact on the balls left on the table.

    Controls are simple to pick up, and difficult to master. Beginners can use the visual guide system to get to know the game and practise their skills. True pros can reduce these hints, instead relying on the talent they've developed to lead them to victory.

    Added complexity comes with the many trick shots you can pull off as you play. Jump the ball down the table to pot that last remaining stripe or bump the ball around the cushions to make that shot.

    Challenge your friends via PlayStation Network or tackle the endurance mode to see how long you can last. Come and play in the ultimate, pixel-perfect game of pool.

    Pool Nation is available to download now from our online store.

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